Welcome to the Seton Hill University graduate program in art therapy with a specialization in counseling. 

When you study art therapy at Seton Hill you participate in a voyage of self-discovery. You learn how to create art that draws on unconscious feelings and thoughts, you learn how to interact with images in ways that elicit their deeper meanings, and you learn how to respond to your own art and the art of others in ways that engender trust and further self-exploration. You learn a lot about yourself and the natural gifts you have to bring to a healing practice. 

The 60 credit course of study is academically challenging and personally demanding. Faculty who teach in the program strive to maintain an environment in which future helping professionals learn from experience what it is like to be challenged and supported at the same time. We hope that any student who attends Seton Hill comes ready to participate in creating a non-competitive, nurturing and compassionate environment. 

The program can be completed in as few as seven semesters, with most classes meeting in the evenings. Classes are taught by credentialed professionals in the fields of art therapy, counseling, psychology, and marriage and family therapy. Most faculty engage in part-time clinical work in addition to their teaching and supervising responsibilities. 

The Seton Hill University Master of Arts in art therapy with specialization in counseling  has been approved by the American Art Therapy Association, Inc. since 2000. Graduates of the program have become registered and board certified with the Art Therapy Credentials Board and have obtained professional counseling licensure in the state of Pennsylvania. 

If the idea of blending your love of art and your love of helping others into a meaningful and creative career appeals to you contact us, and consider joining us for one of our regularly scheduled Information Sessions. There's more to learn about the program and the people who make it happen. 

Lori Mackey, DAT, ATR-BC, LPC, CCLS 
Graduate Art Therapy Program Director

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