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Program-Specific Requirements

In addition to the University's requirements for admission to graduate school, applicants to the Art Therapy with Specialization in Counseling Program must provide a:

  • Portfolio of artwork containing 15 - 20 examples of your own artwork as PDF files, including work in drawing, painting and clay. Submit via email or by mailing a USB drive.
  • Recent sample of your academic or professional writing (preferably in APA style).
  • Letter of intent answering the following questions (2 pages minimum):

- Summarize your interest in becoming an art therapist, being sure to include the reasons why becoming a mental health therapist is important to you.

- What interests you in Seton Hill in particular? Why would you like to study here, as opposed to elsewhere?

- The program demands a large amount of self-discipline and productive work habits (much reading and writing). How do you plan to handle this load?

- The program also demands a high degree of investment in developing the ability to reflect on and articulate personal attitudes. Openness to receiving feedback from faculty and peers is essential. Summarize your interest in developing this type of personal/professional growth.

- Are there any other factors (past experience, specialized knowledge) that would affect your chance of being successful in the program?

Preparatory Coursework

Applicants must have completed the following preparatory coursework at an accredited academic institution with grades of B (3.0) or better. These courses may or may not have been included in the undergraduate degree. These may be undergraduate or graduate level courses.

18 semester credits of studio art including:

  • Three credits each of: drawing, painting, clay/ceramics (should include some hand building).
  • Three credits of advanced studio coursework in painting, drawing or clay.
  • Six credits of additional studio art coursework in any media.

12 semester credits of psychology courses including:

  • Three credits each of introductory/general psychology, abnormal psychology and developmental psychology.
  • Three credits of additional psychology coursework. 

Provisional Admission

Applicants lacking preparatory coursework may request to be admitted to the graduate program provisionally, with the understanding that any outstanding preparatory coursework must be completed by the end of the first year of graduate study. When this coursework is completed the applicant will be granted regular graduate student status, which is required in order to continue into the second year of study. Use the bottom portion of the Proof of Completion of Preparatory Coursework form to request Provisional Admission.

Admission Process


Please submit completed applications including all requested materials no later than eight weeks prior to the term in which you wish to enroll -- by July 1 for fall admission and by November 30 for spring admission.


You may submit application materials all at once or piecemeal. As soon as the Office of Graduate and Adult Studies receives any application materials from you an electronic file is created. You will have access to the file, to enable you to track the progress of your application. After all materials have been received your application will be reviewed and you will be notified in writing of the admission decision.

To contact the Office of Graduate Admissions, fill out the online Request for Information form. Ready to apply? Apply online now for free! You may also call Graduate Admissions at (724) 838-4208 or email us at