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We Invest In You

Seton Hill is dedicated to successfully recruiting, retaining and graduating the students who will benefit most from our unique liberal arts based, career-focused education. This includes helping students and families pay for college.

Our tuition is competitive. However, inflation has pushed the cost of higher education to the point where most students need financial aid in order to attend college. 

Throughout its long history, the University, in conjunction with state and federal programs, has offered financial assistance to qualified students whose families cannot meet the full share of educational costs. The University has also offered merit and special interest scholarships to students who do not demonstrate need. Depending on circumstances, this assistance can range from a few hundred dollars per year upwards to a package covering tuition and residence fees in full.

If you are concerned about costs, apply for aid, regardless of your family's income. There is no magic income level above which students do not qualify for assistance. There are many factors aside from income that are used to determine aid eligibility; at Seton Hill each student and family situation is evaluated individually. 

We Are Here To Help!

The Financial Aid Office at Seton Hill University is committed to assisting students and parents pursue all options available for financing an education. Please explore the Financial Aid section of our site for important information about grants, scholarships, loans and work-study programs offered to undergraduate, graduate, adult degree and international students at Seton Hill University. We look forward to working with you to make a Seton Hill University education affordable.

"I'm grateful for the scholarship and financial support I received. This aid alleviated the financial stress many college students face and I was afforded a quality education in a small, private, liberal arts atmosphere. Seton Hill prepared me for the next step in life and I am pleased to say that I have my first job at American Greetings."

- Nick Sterner, SHU '12, Area Supervisor, American Greetings

The Office of Financial Services & the Registrar contains Student Accounts, Financial Aid and the Registrar. Contact the office at or (724) 830-1010.