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“Seton Hill University, a diverse academic community, celebrates this diversity and is committed to serving individuals and groups from all backgrounds. It strives to provide equal opportunity to all members of our community. True to its mission as a Catholic university, Seton Hill also espouses trust, civility, and a willingness to recognize the dignity of each person. Thus, it is the responsibility of each member of the University community to learn and understand the differences among us, as well as the similarities, and to demonstrate tolerance, which precludes any expression of bigotry, intimidation, violence of other types of injurious behavior. Tolerance, however, is not enough. Respect, understanding, and a basic generosity of spirit are expected.”

Seton Hill Policy Against Discriminatory Harassment

All Are Welcome

Welcoming Catholic University GraphicSeton Hill University’s Diversity & Inclusion Office provides leadership in assuring that our campus respects and appreciates the differences in us all. The office works to provide an environment of inclusion for those who are: 

    1. Working for us

    2. Educated by us 

    3. Served by us

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Seton Hill promotes an environment in which contributions and strengths are recognized, optimized and valued in a way that generates opportunities for growth, innovation and creativity within the Seton Hill University community.

We believe that diversity is invaluable because it:

      • Generates differing points of view

      • Leads to innovation

      • Fosters an understanding and acceptance of individuals from different backgrounds 

      • Recognizes the contributions that a variety of individuals and groups can make

The Student Experience

Seton Hill University is fully committed to providing an inclusive learning environment for all students, regardless of age, gender, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status, socioeconomic status or disability. Here, we see diversity and diverse perspectives as strengths, opportunities for learning, and keys to the future growth of the University.

Throughout the year, we host cultural events/fairs to encourage cross-culture learning and inclusion. Special speakers frequent our campus to highlight the importance of embracing one another’s differences. As a united front, we are committed to a constant expansion of acceptance and learning for everyone who visits, attends and teaches here.

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Reports & Policies

Find Out More

For more information, please contact:

Adriel A. Hilton

Dean of Students & Diversity Officer
(724) 830-1076

Keisha C. Jimmerson
Associate Dean of Students for Diversity, Inclusion and International Student Services
(724) 830-1089

Debra L. Mason
Diversity Officer
(724) 830-4614