• Graduate art therapy students must complete a minimum of 700 hours of supervised experience, typically divided over two semesters (350 hours each semester)
  • Typically 23-24 hours per week must be allotted in order to complete the 350 hours required for each semester.
  • Practicum/internship hours include direct client contact time, supervision on-site and on campus, and indirect hours.

Setting up practicum/internship sites:

  • Students are expected to identify and explore possible sites, using criteria provided by a faculty supervisor or the program director.
  • Students may choose sites used by former students.
  • Students may choose sites with or without an art therapist on staff (art therapy supervision is provided on campus).
  • Students may request to work at sites where they are currently employed or have been employed previously.
  • Students may elect sites at a distance from Seton Hill if all other didactic coursework has been completed and appropriate supervision can be secured.
  • The program director gives final approval of all sites and site supervisors.

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