Graduates Are Prepared for Careers in Both Counseling and Art Therapy

Seton Hill University's M.A. in Art Therapy with a Specialization in Counseling provides the coursework, internship hours and supervision required for your professional credentials. The Art Therapy Program director will be your academic advisor, and will work with you to review your career goals and credentialing options. You will graduate prepared to seek:

  • National board certification as an art therapist. 
  • Professional counseling licensure in Pennsylvania and many other states across the nation (after completing required work hours). 
  • Professional art therapy licensure in all states where it is available.

Visit these sites to learn more about licensing and certification:

Art Therapy Credentials

Provisional Registered Art Therapist (ATR-Provisional) 

Upon completion of Seton Hill's M.A. in Art Therapy with Specialization in Counseling Program, graduates are immediately eligible for the Provisional Registered Art Therapist (ATR-Provisional).  This credential provides assurance to employers that the entry-level art therapist meets successful completion of advanced specific graduate-level education in art therapy, has evidenced entry-level clinical skills, and is practicing under an approved supervisor(s). 

Art Therapy Registration (ATR Status)

Graduates must then complete 1000 supervised, direct client contact hours doing art therapy. Upon completion, graduates are eligible for ATR status (Art Therapist, Registered) with the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB). 

Art Therapy Board Certification (ATR-BC status)

After attaining ATR status graduates are eligible to take the Art Therapy Credentials Board Examination (ATCBE). Therapists who pass the exam earn the ATR-BC (Art Therapist, Registered - Board Certified) credential. All coursework in the Art Therapy with a Specialization in Counseling Program prepares graduates in foundational areas needed to successfully complete the exam. 

Professional Counseling Credentials

Becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania

Upon completion of Seton Hill's M.A. in Art Therapy with Specialization in Counseling Program, graduates may begin accumulating the 3,000 supervised hours of work experience required for counseling licensure.

Counseling Licensure (LPC Status)

After completing 3000 supervised hours and passing a qualifying exam, graduates are eligible to apply for counseling licensure in the state of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors determines standards and qualifications for licensing professional counselors. The Pennsylvania State Board accepts the Art Therapy Board Certification Exam (ATBCE) as one of the exams. 

Application of Hours to Different Credentials

All experience hours that meet designated criteria and are supervised by appropriate personnel may be "double counted" toward both Art Therapy Registration and Professional Counseling Licensure.

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