Coronavirus Important Updates

Be a Leader

As the official governing body that represents the students of Seton Hill University, The Seton Hill Government Association (SHGA) acts as the liaison between students and the University community.  SHGA works to keep the campus informed about student concerns and opinions while simultaneously working to provide the campus community with a wide variety of services and opportunities.   

The SHGA achieves this by:

  • Implementing programs and services that meet the needs and interests of the student body.
  • Stimulating and facilitating communication between members of the student body and the University Community.
  • Allocating funding in a equitable manner to student clubs and organizations in order to ensure a vibrant and engaged campus community and culture.

The SHGA is a great way to get involved on campus.  There are many opportunities to take on a wide variety of leadership roles, each with different amounts of time commitment.  Even if you aren't interested in assuming an official leadership role, you can attend SHGA Senate meetings to stay up-to-date about what other student clubs and organizations are doing, what decisions and topics are affecting SHU students, and all the new initiatives happening on the Hill.