Education Students Presented “Passports Around the World” at Jeannette After-School Program

Seton Hill University Education students took a group of Jeannette youth on a journey around the world without having to leave their hometown.

The Seton Hill students presented “Passports Around the World” at the Mosaic Community Development Center (MCDC) during its after-school program on March 27. Seton Hill students have been volunteering at the after-school program since the fall, providing various activities such as hands-on science experiments and literacy centers.

During the Passports Around the World event, the Seton Hill students set up stations focusing on different countries - including France, Italy, Spain and China - offering up information and activities about that country’s food, customs, language and more.

“I am grateful for our partnership with the Mosaic Community Development Center (MCDC),” said Dr. Melissa Tamburrino, Assistant Professor of Education at Seton Hill. “This experience has helped the Seton Hill students push themselves to work in a diverse classroom setting. They have learned to build on their strengths and set personal goals for improvement. Our students have collaborated with one another to improve student outcomes and have continued to grow professionally and personally.” 

In addition to the Education majors, Mosaic has been partnering with Seton Hill students in the Graduate Art Therapy, Criminal Justice and Social Work programs on a variety of projects this year.

“Having the support of Seton Hill University and its students allows us to meet a variety of our children's needs,” said Kelly Bender, Executive Director of Mosaic Community Development Center. “I have been impressed with the way Seton Hill students jump in to help our students, their professionalism and their desire to learn and adapt to different challenges they face. I am looking forward to our continued partnership with the university to provide multiple layers of support for our students.”

Mosaic Community Development Center’s mission is to rebuild Jeannette one leader at a time through empowering and elevating a generation of leaders from youth through adulthood, instilling a desire to serve, a commitment to and a love for the Jeannette community. In order to counter the inequities in the community and school district, Mosaic works to support social-emotional learning through behavioral and mental health support. Restorative practices are used throughout our programming to disrupt the school to prison pipeline that is created by the high suspension rates.

Through Mosaic programs, community members and teenagers are given the opportunity for living wage employment without a transportation barrier as teachers and assistant teachers in the after-school program. Mosaic becomes a place for youth to figure out important job skills and the money they earn goes into supporting families who live in the community.

The after-school program runs four days a week from October to May and has 34 students in 3rd through 6th grade from the Jeannette School District currently enrolled in the program. The students are referred from the school district. A typical day includes homework help, positive relationship building, social emotional learning, craft or activity, dinner and transportation home.