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Rehabilitation & Justice

Program At A Glance GraphicAt Seton Hill University, you’ll prepare for tomorrow’s careers in criminal justice through a unique mix of forensic science, criminology, sociology, psychology and experiential learning. As an Adult Degree Program student, you will earn your degree completely online - with courses and scheduling designed just for busy adults. 

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Why Choose Seton Hill?

By earning your criminal justice degree through the Adult Degree Program at Seton Hill, you can:

  • Learn how to use forensic science in investigations.
  • Gain practical experience in the criminal justice field before you graduate through in-depth, semester-long community projects and intensive, supported internships in the field. 
  • Take courses and complete assignments when it is convenient for you.
  • Finish your degree fast with accelerated 8-week sessions.
  • Connect online through discussion groups with fellow adult learners, faculty and experts in the field of criminal justice.
  • Personalized academic and career advising: online or in-person.
  • Easily transfer credits you may have earned at other schools.Transfer Up to 90 Credits Graphic
  • Take advantage of student access to Seton Hill campus facilities - including dining & fitness. 
  • Earn an MBA quicker and for less money. Through Seton Hill’s FastForward Bachelor’s to MBA Program, you can earn both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in only five years!

(Even more benefits just for Adult Degree Program students  - including personalized advising - can be found here.)

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 Adult Degree Program students are eligible for:

Your Career in Criminal Justice

Career opportunities for graduates with this degree are diverse and come with a range of competitive salaries. They include:

  • Law Enforcement: Local, State & Federal
  • Legal System
  • Corrections 
  • Probation & Parole
  • Court System: State & Federal
  • Private Security
  • Private Investigations
  • Social & Community Services

Award-Winning Careers Services

Career Center GraphicSeton Hill’s Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) will work with you, your professors, and local, regional and national employers to provide you with the career preparation skills, internship opportunities and job identification services you need to keep moving up. 


Criminal justice faculty at Seton Hill are noted professors and also experienced professionals in the fields of forensic science, psychology, criminology, sociology, human services and behavioral health. Topics of specific expertise include DNA analysis, jury decision making, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic and gender-based violence, recidivism in the juvenile court system, research design and data analysis. 

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