Criminal Justice Major Brittany Hollis Earns B.A. at Seton Hill While Working in the Field

Following her high school graduation, Brittany Hollis planned to attend Waynesburg University. Due to a sudden tragedy in her family, she withdrew from Waynesburg University weeks before move-in day. Determined to further her education, Brittany began her education as a last-minute start at Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC). 

Brittany earned her associate’s degree in Applied Sciences of Criminal Justice and a Certification in Corrections from WCCC. After hearing about Seton Hill’s Adult Degree Program, Brittany enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program in order to earn a bachelor’s degree. I recently talked with her about her experience as an adult student at Seton Hill.

How do you like being in the Adult Degree Program at Seton Hill?

It’s great, and it’s super flexible. I enjoy that my professors have been easily accessible since I started. 

Since the Adult Degree Program is fully online, has this changed in any way due to COVID-19? 

It hasn’t changed. It has only affected local visits to the campus.

How did you know the criminal justice field was right for you?

I always wanted to be involved with it since I was a kid. It started when I had an interest in the lights on top of cop cars. Later, when I went to WCCC, I enjoyed my internship with the Westmoreland County Adult Probation & Parole, and now I work there full-time. I also enjoyed working with juveniles at Adelphoi Village after graduating from WCCC. 

"There’s this open communication with professors. They make sure you have ample information to succeed."

What aspects of criminal justice interest you? 

I enjoy being of service to the community and giving back and helping those that can’t necessarily help themselves. 

Do you enjoy the Criminal Justice Program at Seton Hill? 

I do! Seton Hill offers a wide variety of classes. It’s great that there’s a focus on every aspect of criminal justice. You can get an idea of what career you might pursue before you graduate. 

How have your courses and professors shaped your knowledge and skills?

There’s this open communication with professors. They make sure you have ample information to succeed. The courses are not designed for completion, they’re designed for success.

What do you want to do with your B.A. in Criminal Justice? 

I want to move up within my job. I hope to be in the investigation field as a detective. 

What are your plans after graduation? 

I plan to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) for their Criminology (MA) program.