Seton Hill’s 2022 University Research Conference Features Projects From More Than 100 Students

Seton Hill’s annual research conference was held this year on Thursday, April 21 in Reeves Learning Commons. Projects accepted for presentation at this year’s conference “supported their respective fields and stimulated intellectual conversations across disciplines within this learning community.” The conference included panel and poster presentations of artistic, literary, case study, interpretive, qualitative, and quantitative research done by Seton Hill undergraduate and graduate students.

“The University Research Conference is a time to showcase the amazing work that our students are accomplishing here at Seton Hill,” said Conference Co-Chair Bethany Vargo, MPAS, PA-C, Director of Didactic Education, Physician Assistant Program. “I am utterly amazed at the level of personal-drive, knowledge, and excitement the students have for their work.  The support from the Seton Hill community and also from potential employers who attended the conference truly meant a lot to the student researchers and myself.” 

“The University Research Conference is one of the premier showcases of the amazing career and future preparedness of Seton Hill students,” agreed Co-Chair Jared Burns, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics. “Working to create and evaluate original research and internship opportunities, our students never fail to make me proud of their achievements and our collective Setonian identity.”

Research presented at the conference included:*

  • “Analyzation of Organised Crime in non-Western Nations;” Spenser Collier, Derrick Chandler-Christie
  • “Truth Finding and Upstanders in the Holocaust and Modern Era;” Ariana Scott, Gabrielle Bubin
  • “The Power of Individuals: Examining Free Will, Transcendentalism, and Feminism through Kant, de Beauvoir, and Emerson;” Cai Pritchard, Kaylee Pivirotto, Jack Laird
  • “The Influence of Philosophy and Literature to Uplift Communities of Trauma;” Samuel Tabe, Zachary Gilkey, Isabel Muñoz
  • “Discovering The Unknown Racism through W.E.B DuBois, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Charles W. Mills;” Joshua Castanedas, Nicolas Lancaster, Michael Joiner
  • "Looking at Machiavelli in contemporary context: is his counsel still pertinent today?" Jared Krol
  • "Accessibility to Higher Education Through the Lens of Martha Nussbaum and the Capabilities Approach;” Sophie Dilts
  • "Grounding Project Management Through Frederick Taylor's Theory of Scientific Management;" Deric Amicone
  • “Phenol Ester Competition Study;” Nicky Stumme, Zahir Reed, Lindsay Reho
  • “Social Comparison Orientation;” Sydney Wolf
  • “Factual Superstition or Generational Farce: The Antimicrobial Efficacy of Foods;” Jacinta Jolly, PA-S
  • “Comparison of Terroristic Acts Throughout the Eastern World;” Rori Price, Corey Negley
  • “A Comparative Study of Family Violence;” Hunter Martin, Darby Roth, Jack Oberdorf
  • “Hate Crimes in non-Western countries;” Justin Dian, Jake Mineweaser
  • "The Attention of Addiction: Examining Social Modeling and Stigma Surrounding Substance Abuse and Recovery;” Skylar Hayden, Dr. Shavonne Arthurs
  • “Expanding the Raman Library;” Kathryn Dzurik
  • “The Relationship Between the PTC Gene and Alcohol Consumption;” Haylee Stiffler
  • “The Evidence of Disposable Gloves;” Ava Kail
  • “Black Psychology: The Lasting Impact of Colonialism in Africa” 
  • “Implications of nicotine in mouse fibroblasts regarding cell toxicity and BAX protein expression;” Desiree Saether, Allison Pittman
  • “How have caseworkers been affected by the pandemic;” Edward Morgan
  • “Children with Special Needs in the Latino Community;” Olivia Carrera
  • “Forensic Toxicology Internship at MolecularDx;” Alexander Coval
  • “Mentoring In Restorative Justice;” Deb Ciocco
  • “Internship with Cyril Wecht Pathology and Associates” 
  • “Laboratory, Analytical & Biological Services (LABS), Inc. Internship;” Alyssa Neast
  • “Platelet Rich Blood Plasma Injections as Treatment in Orthopedic Medicine;” Zachary DiPerna
  • “Expii: Fostering Creative Learning;” Summer Black
  • “Cyril Wecht Pathology and Associates” 
  • “A Body of Work: An Internship with Cyril H. Wecht and Pathology Associates;” Caitlin Wolfe
  • “Industrial Silver Electroplating;” Sirrae Burke
  • “Wildlife Crime Across Non-Western Areas;” Madeline Hill, Rina Foley, Madison Ferry
  • “Beliefs and Accessibility for Latinos in Relation to the COVID-19 Vaccine;” Shaney Enck
  • “Non-Western Sex Crimes;” Jaime Bowman; Kasyia Rowe-Lawrence
  • “Genocide Abroad;” Joshua Darisme, Justice Griffin, Jacob Hoyle, Christian Clutter
  • “Juvenile Crimes Around Non-Western Countries;” Myah Roka, Tara Dougherty
  • “The Value of Public Opinion in Political Policy;” Brianna Franzino
  • “Representing Romania for Model United Nations 2022;” Adriana Scott, Brianna Franzino, Pietro Porco, Nicholas Seto, Isabel Papariella, Gabrielle Bubin, Sarah Minghini, Kimberlyn Furajter, Hannah Potter, Ryan Dzurko, Meghan Cutshall
  • “The Gender Pay Gap in the United States Legal Industry;” Meghan Cutshall
  • “An Analysis of Organized Crime in Non-Westernized Nations;” Jessica Holliday, Sarah Davidson, Caitlin Wolfe
  • “Mindful Marketing and Social Media in Appealing to Generation Z;” Jessica Palko; Allison Riddle
  • “The Mental Health of Correctional Officers;” Brianna Leith
  • “Isolation and Characterization of Novel Bacteriophages in the Greensburg Community;” Dominick Cicala
  • “An Analysis of Anxiety, Study Habits, and Retention of Math Skills Versus Standardized and Placement Exam Scores;” John Torpey, Vinayak Prataap, Jared Burns, Brendt Billeck, Morgan Vincent

*Student researchers who have requested that personal information not be released by Seton Hill in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) do not appear in the information above.

2022 Research Conference Photos