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The Department of Education

Teaching All Students

Education Colleges of DistinctionAt Seton Hill, we’ve been preparing educators for more than a century. Today, our education faculty continue to combine classroom experience at all levels with an unmatched dedication to preparing tomorrow’s teachers. As a result, Seton Hill’s Education Department provides current and future teachers with the skills and strategies they need to meet the needs of all students.  

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Degree Programs in Education

Undergraduate Degrees 

Graduate Degrees 

View our comparison chart to help figure out which Seton Hill University Graduate Education Program is best for you!

Combined/Accelerated Degrees

View a full list of programs in the Seton Hill University Department of Education below.

Becoming A Certified Teacher

At Seton Hill, you can fulfill all of the academic requirements for teaching certification while earning your degree.  

Areas of certification include:

Your Career in Education  

As an Apple Distinguished School, Seton Hill will provide you with the experience and skills needed to succeed in today’s technology-driven learning environments. Plus, our focus on developing educators with the ability to work effectively with students having a wide variety of learning styles, challenges and gifts will prepare you perfectly for a career in education. Seton Hill’s award-winning Career and Professional Development Center will help you plan your career and find the best internships and experiential learning opportunities.

Education Faculty

 As a student in the Education Department at Seton Hill you will enjoy learning from faculty with both academic and classroom experience. Your faculty advisor will assist you with everything from choosing courses to deciding on a career path or graduate school.  

Child Development Center

NAEYC logoSeton Hill University’s Child Development Center is a preschool for children ages three to five. Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the Center is under the direction of Seton Hill’s School of Education and Applied Social Sciences. As a student in the Education Department the Child Development Center can provide you with the opportunity to observe, work and learn in an accredited early childhood environment. 

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Education Programs


Which Seton Hill University Graduate Education Program is Best for You?

Program Differentiators Elementary/Middle Level Ed. (M.A.) Special Education (M.A.) Innovative Instruction (M.Ed.)
Number of Courses / Credits 30 credits
(10 courses)
30 credits
(10 courses)
30 credits
(10 courses)
Program Format Blended: online & evening courses Online: 8 week sessions Online: 8 week sessions
Time to Complete 1 year or more; you set the pace 1 year or more; you set the pace 1 year or more; you set the pace

Internship / Student Teaching

Student teaching; Course imbedded fieldwork Course imbedded fieldwork Field internship
Teacher Certification Required for Admission No: Additional courses and student teaching will be required for initial certification applicants. Yes: If you plan to add special education certification.

No: If you do not intend to teach. Program Director approval required.

Yes: If you plan to teach.

No: If you plan to provide training or present information outside of a traditional classroom.

GRE or GMAT Required? No No No
Is it Too Late to Apply? No: Apply any time. No: Apply any time. No: Apply any time.
Can I Add a Teaching Certification? Optional: Middle Level - Grades 4-8 with additional coursework. Special Ed: Pre-K-8 or 7 - 12 when added to initial teacher certification. N/A