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Justice & Rehabilitation

The criminal justice system in the U.S. has long struggled against the combined strains of prison and jail overcrowding, financial hardships and repeat offenders. As a result, new methods of detecting and understanding crime, and integrating the rehabilitation of people convicted of crimes, are being developed. At Seton Hill University, you’ll prepare for tomorrow’s careers in criminal justice through a unique mix of forensic science, criminology, sociology, psychology and experiential learning.

You can earn your criminal justice degree at Seton Hill University through the traditional undergraduate program or online through the Adult Degree Program.

Why Study Criminal Justice at Seton Hill?

As a student in the Criminal Justice Program at Seton Hill, you will:

  • Learn how to use forensic science in investigations, and gain practical experience navigating the scene of a crime in Seton Hill’s Crime Scene House
  • Gain practical experience in the criminal justice field before you graduate through in-depth, semester-long community projects and intensive, supported internships in the field.  Students regularly gain experience through the court system, probation offices, state and local law enforcement, the F.B.I. and human service organizations.
  • Be able to easily add a second major, like psychology, in order to widen your knowledge base and career options. Minors in social work, human services, business and sociology are also available.

Careers in Criminal Justice 

Career opportunities for graduates with this degree are diverse and come with a range of competitive salaries. They include:

  • Law Enforcement: Local, State & Federal
  • Legal System
  • Corrections 
  • Probation & Parole
  • Court System: State & Federal
  • Private Security
  • Private Investigations
  • Social & Community Services


Criminal justice faculty at Seton Hill are noted professors and also experienced professionals in the fields of forensic science, psychology, criminology and sociology and human services. Topics of specific expertise include DNA analysis, jury decision making, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic and gender-based violence, recidivism in the juvenile court system, research design and data analysis.

Crime Scene House

At Seton Hill, we have a full-sized ranch-style house on campus that is dedicated to the creation of "crime" - and its solution. As a criminal justice major, you will use the knowledge you are gaining in the classroom to examine and analyze mock crime scenes constructed by professors who are experienced in crime scene analysis.

Get the Information You Need to Move Forward

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"The professors put forth more work than they truly need to in order for their students to succeed. CJ will give you a different perspective on the world that we live in and how we are gaining the tools to go out and change it." 

 - Brian Soles, Criminal Justice Major, Class of 2014