Art Therapy - Specialization in Counseling (M.A.)

Healing Through Art

Are you... artistic, sensitive, intuitive, compassionate?

Do the words ART and THERAPY resonate for you when you hear them mentioned together? 

If so, maybe art therapy is the professional path you were meant to pursue. At Seton Hill we offer a Master of Arts in art therapy with a specialization in counseling. The program prepares you to combine your love of art and your desire to help others into one creative, inspiring and meaningful career. 

As art therapy is based on the belief that when we make art we embark on a voyage of self-discovery, the Seton Hill  graduate art therapy program is designed to develop compassionate scholar-practitioners. The art therapy classes are experiential, so you will make art in almost every class. You will learn from your own art, and the art of others, about the power of art to transform feelings, thoughts and lives.

Professional preparation is guided by standards established by the American Art Therapy Association (AATA).

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Art Therapy Courses

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