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Marriage & Family Therapy (M.A.)

Healing Through Relationships

The Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Seton Hill University is guided by the systems belief that all human experience unfolds within relationship. This relational systemic emphasis is at the heart of our program and intrinsic to the ways in which we believe, think, teach and practice.

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 "Upon entering Seton Hill's Marriage and Family Therapy Program, my thoughts pertaining to my career desires were solidified and I learned what it really meant to not only be a therapist but a healer."

- Audra J. Lee (MFT '13), Family Focused Therapist, Family Resources

To learn more about this program, please attend our September 27th or November 29th information session!

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Sample Courses

Marriage and Family Therapy Courses

Some of the marriage & family therapy courses you'd take at Seton Hill would be:

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Marriage and Family Therapy Stories

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