Mobile Learning @ The Hill


This year, we're upgrading with some Air.

Our students have big ideas, and unique learning styles. At Seton Hill, we respect that. In fact, we encourage it. We might be a small university, but we've got some big ideas of our own. That's why we were the first university anywhere to give our faculty and every full-time student an iPad in 2010 - and why new full-time students in 2015 will receive an iPad Mini (and new full-time freshmen will be provided with a MacBook Air as well).  

Mobile Learning @ The Hill provides our entire academic community with 24/7 access to a world of learning, in addition to the tools they need to engage in it fully.  

Individual access to the best in modern mobile technology is part of our commitment to ensuring that our students are, in the words of Elizabeth Ann Seton, "fit for that world in which you are destined to live." 

Mobile Learning @ The Hill also prepares our students to be uniquely suited for whatever careers they choose - even those that have yet to be created.

Featured Video

Watch the video above to see how our dance faculty use technology in the classroom and in the studio.

Seton Hill Has Been Recognized by Apple for the Third Time! 

Seton Hill is now an Apple Distinguished School - a designation reserved for programs that are recognized centers of educational excellence and leadership.

The 2013-2015 Distinguished Program Application iBook provides an overview of mobile technology use at Seton Hill. (This is best viewed on an iPad.)