Teaching Certificates


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"Your educational facility is doing a wonderful job in preparing young individuals to become teachers."

- Valerie Stahurski, a local teacher who works with Seton Hill student teachers, in an email to Seton Hill's Education Division.

At Seton Hill, we take pride in preparing future teachers. In addition to our degree offerings in education, we also provide programs designed to provide the academic requirements for teaching certification in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. (If you plan to teach in another state, Pennsylvania has signed an Interstate Certification Agreement. See "Earning Your Certification" below.)

As an Undergraduate Student

  • You can complete the academic requirements for a teaching certification in a specific content area (see "Areas of Certification" below) at the same time you complete your undergraduate degree in a field of your choice.

As a Postbaccalaureate Student

  • If you already have an undergraduate degree and are just interested in completing the requirement for the certification, you can do that here as well.

As a Graduate Student

  • Some of our graduate programs in education include the ability to earn teacher's certification while earning your degree.

Areas of Certification

  • Art.
  • Biology.
  • Business, Computer and Information Technology.
  • Chemistry.
  • Elementary Education: Pre K-4 with Special Education Pre K-8. 
  • English.
  • French.
  • Mathematics.
  • Music.
  • Social Studies.
  • Spanish.
  • 4-8 Middle Level (available as an add-on in the graduate program).


The faculty members in Seton Hill's Education Division are also experienced classroom teachers who have dedicated their careers to preparing you for yours.

Student Teaching

As part of the preparation for certification, you will participate in a 14-week student teaching program, during which you will plan and employ lesson designs under the guidance of a cooperating teacher at a school in a local area school district. (Student teaching requirements may differ for current teachers who are earning additional certifications.)

Earning Your Certification

Seton Hill's teacher certification program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for certification preparation. Students who secure the recommendation for certification by an approved college or university have met all the requirements of the approved preparation program and the State Board of Education, and have passed all state-required exams. If you plan to teach in another state, Pennsylvania has signed an Interstate Certification Agreement with other states/jurisdictions. For more information, visit www.education.state.pa.us.