Certification in Pennsylvania & Other States

Teaching Certification Prep AvailableSeton Hill's teacher certification program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for certification preparation. Students who secure the recommendation for certification by an approved college or university have met all the requirements of the approved preparation program and the State Board of Education, and have passed all state-required exams. 

Pennsylvania has signed an Interstate Certification Agreement with other states/jurisdictions, which makes it easier for you use your Pennsylvania certification to teach elsewhere. 

Certification As An Undergraduate Student

As an undergraduate student at Seton Hill, you can complete the academic requirements for a teaching certification in a specific content area at the same time you complete your undergraduate degree in a field of your choice.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in elementary education with special education allows you to complete the academic requirements for two teaching certifications - (Pre K-4) and special education (Pre K-12) - while you are earning your degree in elementary and special education.

The Elementary/Middle Level/Special Education Program is a combined bachelor's degree/master's degree program that also includes preparation for three teaching certifications: Pre K-4, 4-8 and special education Pre K-12.

Earn Your Undergraduate Degree & Master's at Seton Hill in Less Time

Through our FastForward Education Programs, undergraduates in any of the 7-12 or K-12 teacher certification programs can also transition seamlessly (and for less money) into Seton Hill's graduate education programs.

Certification as a Postbaccalaureate or Graduate Student

Postbaccalaureate Students

If you already have an undergraduate degree and are interested in completing the requirements for the certification, you can do that here as well. It's possible to complete this program with 1-2 years of coursework (depending on the number of credits, if any, you transfer to Seton Hill) plus 1 semester of student teaching.

Graduate Students

Some of our graduate programs in education include the opportunity to prepare for teaching certification while earning your degree.

Admission Requirements & Applying to the Program

You can find the requirements for admission to the teaching certification program at the undergraduate or postbaccalaureate levels in our online catalog. For certification with a graduate program, admission requirements are included on the specific graduate program page. You can apply online anytime.

Student Teaching

As part of the preparation for certification, you will participate in a 14-week student teaching program, during which time you will plan and employ lesson plans and learning experiences under the guidance of a cooperating teacher. Student teaching placements may vary according to certification area to give you the best possible authentic experience in the classroom.

Feel Free to Be in Touch! If you are interested in earning certification as an undergraduate student, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at admit@setonhill.edu. If you'd like to earn certification as a postbaccalaureate or graduate student, please contact the Office of Graduate & Adult Studies at gadmit@setonhill.edu