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Project Management Skills Keep Business Grad Moving Up in His Career

Jordan Hohn is “passionate about business management.” That’s one of the reasons he chose Seton Hill.

“I wanted to learn as much as I could,” he says. “I also wanted to be considered for positions that would be engaging.  I wanted to ensure that I had the knowledge, skills, and abilities to obtain a job or position of interest.  I did not want to limit my opportunities for employment.” 

Jordan came to Seton Hill to earn his bachelor’s in business administration and marketing, and went on to acquire his MBA soon after.  Now a regional director for Percheron, Jordan still relies on what he learned while earning his degrees.

“Marketing is critical for an understanding of how your product or service fits in the current environment,” he says. “It helps in establishing the need and how to promote a solution to the consumer.  Business management is less specialized, but provides a range of topics that are all equally important in understanding how successful businesses operate.” 

“Professors were understanding of everyone’s circumstances and workloads were fair... It gave me a new perspective on management and allowed me to better understand how to manage my responsibilities in the workplace.”

Jordan took advantage of Seton Hill’s FastForward to an MBA Program because he believed that “an MBA would provide me with the best opportunity to secure the type of jobs I desired.”  He also appreciated the fact that the program catered to working professionals.

“Professors were understanding of everyone’s circumstances and workloads were fair,” Jordan says. “They allowed the students to drive the discussions and projects, rooted in real world experiences, while ensuring they fit within the curriculum.  It gave me a new perspective on management and allowed me to better understand how to manage my responsibilities in the workplace.”

While involved in the MBA Program, Jordan discovered an interest in project management. This interest has defined his career path.

“Having success within an industry in different roles is important, but project management requires a different skill set,”  Jordan says. “Organizations spend significant capital on projects and process improvements.  I recognized the demand for talent within project management and felt it would benefit my career and my organization.”   

Jordan has been at Percheron for four years. Initially hired as a project manager, he was recently promoted to regional director, southeast field services.

Percheron, according to its website, “executes oil and gas, electrical transmission, highway, utility, wind, solar and rail projects by bonding title research, acquisitions, land surveying and environmental services into one cohesive solution.” In his new role, Jordan is responsible for overseeing operations in seven states.

“My experience and training in project management has been critical to my career,” he says. “My advice to any prospective students is to give project management serious consideration.  Project management has become a critical component of nearly every industry sector ... With the proper training, experience, and track record, your skills and services will always be in high demand.”