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Biotechnology Career Leads to Position at GlaxoSmithKline for Biology Grad

30 under 30 logoStephanie Reppert Gerber has seen all facets of medical research in her career thus far – from basic research that may impact a patient’s life years down the road to testing medications that are heading to pharmacies today.

“I’ve kind of had the span of the biotechnology experience, if you will, going from basic research to the point where what you’re doing is actually directly impacting a patient,” she says. “That’s a cool experience.”

A biology major at Seton Hill, Stephanie was hired by Johns Hopkins University just five days after graduation working as a lab technician on a cancer research project. She had spent summers during her years at Seton Hill doing laboratory internships at Hopkins, leading to the full-time position.

“I’ve kind of had the span of the biotechnology experience… going from basic research to the point where what you’re doing is actually directly impacting a patient.”

She earned her master’s degree in biotechnology while working at Johns Hopkins and decided to take her experience to Macrogenics in Rockville, Md. The biotech company focuses on generating antibodies for a variety of disease treatments – for cancers, autoimmune diseases and communicable viruses.

After two years in research and development, Stephanie moved to GlaxoSmithKline, where she handles quality control for biopharmaceuticals. “We make sure that all the drug lots are the same – that each has the same sort of activity and efficiency as the last – before the drugs move on to be packaged and shipped to pharmacies,” she says. “Sometimes you feel that you never know how your work is going to impact others. Now I know whatever I did somebody is going to be affected by that. It’s a very special feeling.”

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