Art in Service to Children and Families

Jonesse Davis graduated from the Master’s in Art Therapy with Specialization in Counseling Program in December 2018. She graciously agreed to answer some questions about why she chose Seton Hill, and her life as an artist who provides therapeutic art activities for displaced children and families.

How did you become interested in art therapy? 

A friend who completed a project on art therapy suggested that it would be a good fit for me. I read her paper and looked into the profession. Combining my passion for art and helping people, education in industrial design and entertainment design (special effects), and minor in psychology; art therapy was indeed a perfect fit for me.

What stood out to you about your experience at Seton Hill?

I loved the classes with hands-on experiences built into them. Whether exploring and embracing the concept of otherness by participating in an AA meeting or conducting sessions with children, adults, and families, those classes helped me understand art therapy better. I also enjoyed supervision. Getting to share with peers and be challenged in my own thinking and processing while incorporating our artistic responses was a true learning experience. 

What are you doing now in your career? 

I am currently working for a nonprofit that provides therapeutic art activities for displaced children and families in addition to after school programs. I love that it is a community approach to art therapy conducted in familiar spaces and focused on social and emotional learning through artistic expression, group interaction, and personal reflection. Because of the pandemic, we are exploring innovative ways to continue to support and provide services to these populations. 

What art are you making?

Most of my personal art projects, and the workshops I facilitate, focus on mindfulness and are usually functional pieces. Currently, I spend my art time with my children, incorporating various styles and materials into our daily activities. 

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