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School of Visual & Performing Arts

Seton Hill University is al All-Steinway SchoolSeton Hill has a passion for the arts. It is reflected in the work of students and faculty who thrive as a community of artists, musicians performers, therapists and educators. It has also been the foundation of successful careers in many other fields, including law, communication, government and business.

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Departments in the Seton Hill University School of Visual & Performing Arts:

Careers in the Visual & Performing Arts

In addition to careers in theatre, dance, music and art, visual and performing arts majors are well-prepared for a variety of leadership positions in fields such as communication, law, marketing, healthcare and education. Seton Hill's award-winning Career and Professional Development Center will begin working with you and your professors as soon as you begin at Seton Hill. Career planning and preparation will be part of what you do in your courses every year, and the Center and your faculty advisor will also help you find the best internships, apprenticeships, performance and exhibition opportunities.

Seton Hill Arts Center & Performing Arts Center

The Arts Center and the Performing Arts Center, a block apart in Greensburg’s historic cultural district, provide dynamic and inspiring learning, performing and exhibition venues for the talented students and faculty of Seton Hill's community of artists. 


At Seton Hill, all arts faculty members are active in their respective professions, so you will enjoy learning, performing and traveling with professors who can guide you from where you are now to wherever you want to go in your career.


In addition to aid provided by the University, the School of Visual and Performing Arts also offers scholarships just for students majoring in the arts.

Performance & Exhibit Opportunities

As soon as you begin at Seton Hill, and throughout your time here, you will have multiple performance and exhibition opportunities. All departments of the School of Visual and Performing Arts provide a full season of public performances, concerts and exhibits every year, in which both majors and non-majors participate. 

View upcoming concerts, exhibits, and performances: 

Community Arts Program

Seton Hill’s Community Arts Program provides private music and dance lessons and performance opportunities for members of the local community and their children. Seton Hill students can get involved in the Community Arts Program in a number of ways.

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Explore the three Departments in the Seton Hill University School of Visual & Performing Arts to find specific programs: