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So Many Options!

As a Spanish major, you will have multiple opportunities to study abroad, earning credits toward your degree while beginning your career as a scholar and professional on an international level. Options include:

  • Short-term, intensive courses offered in January and May by Seton Hill in locations around the world. (Recently, Spanish majors have taken courses such as Caribbean Cultures in the Dominican Republic, Mexican Civilization & Culture, Spanish Study in Spain and Latin America, International Business, and City Studies in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Cuernavaca, Mexico; and Cordoba, Spain.)
  • Summer and semester abroad experiences.
  • A tuition exchange program with the University of Cordoba in Spain that allows for students of both institutions to spend a semester abroad while paying tuition at their home university.

Passport to the World

Seton Hill will pay for passports for first-year students who complete a special project that guides them through the planning process for study abroad.

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