What is Narrative 4?

Narrative 4 (N4) exists to break down barriers and shatter stereotypes by using the power of stories, art and education to help young people become powerful forces of change. N4’s core methodology, the story exchange, is designed to help students understand that their voices, stories, actions and lives matter, and that they have the power to change, rebuild and revolutionize systems.
In a story exchange, a group of individuals are paired together to share a story that in some way defines them. Afterwards, pairs come together as a group and are responsible for telling their partner's story in the first person. Through the exchange of personal narratives we see the world, and ourselves, more empathically, a belief supported by the work of neuroscientists and by the experiences of story exchange participants.
Narrative 4’s Empathy into Action campaigns are designed to break open intractable issues through innovative applications of the story exchange and replicable models for community action around the world. Narrative 4 supports its growing global family with events and opportunities designed to deepen connections, extend learning, and continually reaffirm the conviction that every human has a story worthy of respect.

At Seton Hill University, we have been integrating Narrative 4 into courses and programs across the curriculum. 

For more information on Narrative 4 Seton Hill, please contact Christine Cusick, Ph.D., associate professor of English, director of the Honors Program and Narrative 4 liaison at cusick@setonhill.edu.