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What is Narrative 4?

Narrative 4 (N4) is a bipartisan, global network of authors, educators and students who use the power of personal narratives to build empathy and spark collaborative change. N4 has become one of the world's most impactful organizations in the fields of empathy and education and is designed to break open intractable issues through the use of its unique (and simple) story exchange methodology. A typical N4 story exchange consists of one or more groups of approximately twenty participants being paired off in order to share personal stories with one another. The entire group then reconvenes and each person is asked to tell  his or her partner’s story in the first person as if it were their own. The story exchange works on a simple idea: If I can hear your story deeply enough to retell it in my own words, as if it happened to me - and you can do the same for my story - then we will have seen the world through each other's eyes. Narrative 4 works with leading experts in the fields of emotional intelligence, psychology, narrative medicine, ethnographic studies and social justice in order to measure the impact of the story exchange and the best ways to turn empathy into action.  

At Seton Hill University, we have been integrating Narrative 4 into courses and programs across the curriculum. 

For more information on Narrative 4 Seton Hill, please contact Christine Cusick, Ph.D., associate professor of English, director of the Honors Program and Narrative 4 liaison at