Writing Popular Fiction Program Recent Graduate News

Career Advancement

Duvall, Matthew: Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education

Duvall, Natalie: Director of the MEd and Professional Institute for Educators program at the University of the Arts in July of 2021.

Keyes, Beth:  Communications Director for the St. James R-1 School District

Madison McKeever: Writer at GameRant.com

Awards & Nominations

Della'Zanna, Jennifer: Honorable Mention in the Print or Online Article category of the 90th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition

Patricia Lillie

  • 2020 Bram Stoker Award® Nominee, Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection, The Cuckoo Girls, HWA.  
  • 2020 Distinguished Online Teaching Award Nominee, Southern New Hampshire University  
  • 2020 UPCEA New England Region Adelle F. Robertson Emerging Professional Continuing Educator Award

Rebecca Glazer: The Wallis Annenberg Helix Fellowship


Araujo, Dei.

  • The Chaebol's Wife (Novel). Self Published, February 2021
  • Love Me Now (Novel). Self-Published, July 2021

Burns, V. M.

  • Paw and Order (Novel). Lyrical Press. August 2020
  • The Vermeer Conspiracy (Short Story). Midnight Hour: A chilling anthology of crime fiction from 20 authors of color. Crooked Lane Books. November 2020
  • Sit. Stay. Slay! (Novel). Lyrical Press. December 2020
  • A Tourist's Guide to Murder (Novel). Kensington Books. January 2021
  • Killer Words (Novel). Kensington Books. November 2021

Campa, Kristopher L. Sentinel's Soul (Novel), Self-Published, May 2022

Dow, Katherine. "The Brooklyn Dragon Racing Club" in the anthology, Dragons of a Different Tail: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales, edited by Marx Pyle, Victoria L. Scott, Anne C. Lynch, and J.C. Mastro 

Duvall, Natalie. "You're Not Going to Eat that Bug" (Short Story). Like Sunshine After Rain Anthology, July 2021.

Elliott, Luke. What Good is a Sad Backhoe? (Short Story). Reckoning 6. January 2022. 

McGinnis, Louise. Flip The Trope, Romance Gone Wild (anthology). Virginia Nelson, September 2021.

McKeever, Madison. The Island (Short Story). Like Sunshine After Rain Anthology, 2021.

Mignerey, Sharon. To Love a Stranger (Novel). Five Star (Gale). September 2021

Macy, Meg. Bear A Wee Grudge (Novel). Kensington Books, Nov 2021.

Morant, Amber.

  • Shadow of the Crown (Novel). Indie, October 2021.
  • Shadow of the Blade (Novel). Indie, October 2021.
  • Shadow of the Dragon (Novel). Indie, October, 2021.

Munro, Donna.

  • "Charon's Loss is Our Gain." The Other Stories 64.2. 2 May 2021.
  • "Grandma Needs a Visit." International Tales of Brilliant Flash Fiction: Branching Out. May 2021.
  • "Sisters." The Periodical: Forlorn. Aug 2021.
  • "Danny." Tales from the Moonlit Path. Aug 2021.
  • "Finding a Familiar." Night Frights 2. Oct 2021.
  • "Behind Elsie's Eyes." Omens: An Anthology. Editor Linda Seeber. 2021.
  • "Turkey Suit." Back to Ghoul. Editor Clark Roberts. Oct 2021.
  • "Heed the Warnings." Creepypod. 28 Oct 2021.
  • "Riding the Roller Coaster." Horror Writer's Workshop V2. Editor Michael Knost. Nov 2021.
  • "The Four Horsemen of the Happy Hour." Penumbric. Dec 2021.
  • "Made of Crows." 365 Tomorrows. 27 Jan 2022.
  • "No Avoidance Behavior from the Thumbs." 99 Tiny Terrors. Editor Jennifer Brozek. Jan 2022.
  • "In the Dark for One More Day." Trembling With Fear, 20 Feb 2022.
  • "Lose the Battle, Win the War." Natural Instincts: Tales of Witches and Warlocks. Editor Stephanie J. Bardy. Feb 2022.
  • "Sassy's Birthday." Shelter of Daylight Winter 2022. Editor Tyree Campbell. Feb 2022.
  • "Melting." Toilet Zone: Royal Flush. Editor Gerri R. Gray. Mar 2022.
  • "Sargasso's Weed," Thuggish Itch: By the Seaside, Gypsum Sound Tales, Mar 2022.
  • Haipoo: 7 Poospectives in Pooetry, Dragon's Roost Press, Editor Anton Cancre, Mar 2022
  • "Voynich's Puzzle," Of Fire and Stars, Eerie River Publishing, Editor Michelle River, May 2022.

Oliveras, Priscilla.

  • Anchored Hearts (Novel). Kensington Publishing, May 2022.
  • Summer in the City, "Lights Out" (Novella in the anthology). Kensington Publishing, June 2022.
  • Amor Actually, "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" (Novella in the anthology). Independent Publisher, December 2022.
  • West Side Love Story (Novel). Montlake, June 2022.

Thompson, Victoria.

  • City of Shadows (Novel). Berkley Prime Crime.  Jan 2022.
  • Murder on Madison Square (Novel). Berkley Prime Crime. May 2022.

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