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How to Pay 

The University accepts:

  • Online Payments
  • Cash (in U.S. funds) 
  • Checks (payable to Seton Hill University & drafted from a U.S. bank)
  • Money Orders
  • Debit or Credit Cards*
  • Wire Transfers*
  • Automated Clearing House or similar payment methods

To pay over the phone by credit card, or arrange for a wire transfer (domestic or international), please call (724) 830-1010.

Payment Process & Information

All students must either pay the amount due on their bill, or show evidence of an alternate source (e.g. scholarship, work study, employer reimbursement, enrollment in an official tuition payment plan, third party payer) that will cover the balance for the semester. Additional information on specific payment methods, including wire transfers and credit card electronic billing, can be found on the Payment Process and Information page of this site or in the Payments, Credits, Returned Check Policy (Word Doc).

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Monthly Payment Plan

The TMS Payment Plan is an alternative to large annual or term payments and helps limit borrowing. It is available for a small enrollment fee and includes:

  • Convenient monthly payments
  • 24-hour account access through Tuition Management Systems' website
  • Toll-free automated account information
  • Toll-free personal service Monday-Saturday

For costs and schedules, toll-free phone numbers or to enroll, visit

Residents or interns in the Orthodontics Program are not eligible to enroll in any payment plan (including the tuition payment plan administered by Tuition Management Systems or an in-house payment plan), and are not eligible to participate in Seton Hill's Employer Reimbursement Program.

Students Accounts is part of the Office of Financial Services & the Registrar. Contact the office at or (724) 830-1010.