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Payment Process

All students must either pay the amount due on their bill, or show evidence of an alternate source (e.g. scholarship, work study, employer reimbursement, enrollment in an official tuition payment plan, third party payer) that will cover the balance for the semester. Upon completion of these items, the student will be financially cleared for the semester. All students must be financially cleared to avoid a late fee, use the library, receive a diploma and/or transcripts, and register for classes the following semester.

Billing Information 

Due Dates

  • University bills for the semester are due August 20 for fall, January 20 for spring, and June 20 for summer.
  • Writing Popular Fiction Program bills are due June 20 for fall and December 20 for spring.
  • Orthodontic Program bills are due June 20 for summer. 

Full-Time, Part-Time, Online Bachelor's Degree and Certificate Program & Graduate Program 

Undergraduate Students

  • Enrolled for 12-18 credits each semester are considered full-time students and are billed a flat rate for tuition.
  • Taking more than 18 credits are charged per credit for each credit in excess of 18 at the rate of one-half the cost of a full-time credit.
  • Enrolled for fewer than 12 credits each semester are considered part-time students and are billed on a per-credit basis.

Online Bachelor's Degree & Certificate Program and Graduate Program Students

  • Are billed on a per-credit basis.

Orthodontic Program Students

  • Are billed on an annual basis.

Financial Aid Applied to Bill

Once you have been offered, and formally accepted, aid from Seton Hill, it will be deducted from your bill. (Please keep in mind that federal and state loans provided as part of your financial aid will still need to be repaid after graduation, or departure from Seton Hill, in accordance with the loan agreement.)

Federal Direct & Alternative Loans

The U.S. Department of Education makes Direct PLUS Loans to eligible parents and graduate or professional students through schools participating in the Direct Loan Program. A Direct PLUS Loan is commonly referred to as a parent PLUS loan when made to a parent, and as a grad PLUS loan when made to a graduate or professional student. Federal Direct and alternative loans will not appear as part of your financial aid offer. Find out more about Federal Direct and alternative loans for undergraduate and graduate students on the Tuition and Aid section of our site.

Federal Work-Study or Seton Hill University Jobs

Earnings from Federal Work-Study or Seton Hill University-funded jobs are paid on the 15th of each month. Students may receive a check or have their pay directly deposited into a checking account.

Tuition Payment Plan 

Seton Hill offers a convenient payment plan. Find out more on the Making a Payment page.

Employer Reimbursement & Tuition Deferment Programs

Seton Hill offers a tuition deferment plan for students who receive tuition reimbursement from employers. This plan allows students to attend classes at Seton Hill University and defer payment of the tuition and fees until 45 days after grades are available. To participate in this program, the student must complete an Employer Verification Form, along with a term-specific employer statement or letter on company letterhead for each semester as confirmation of both employment and terms of the employer's reimbursement program.

There is a $50 processing fee to defer your tuition, but the processing fee will be waived if the form and letter are received in the Student Accounts office before the end of the drop/add period in any semester. If the deferred portion is not paid within the 45 day grace period, a late fee of 1.5% of the balance due will be assessed on the student's account, and could prevent the student from enrolling in a future semester. If the employer's plan provides less than 100% of total tuition and fees, the student is responsible for payment of the difference (undeferred portion) for the entire semester prior to the first day of class in any semester. Deferrals for the final semester are due no later than two weeks prior to graduation.

Please visit our forms section for Seton Hill's Tuition Deferment/Employment Reimbursement Policy, or to obtain the Employer Verification Form. The letter or statement from the employer must be signed by someone from the company or organization and must include:

  • Verification that the student is an employee of the company or organization and is eligible for reimbursement for the specific year and term.
  • The dollar amount to be reimbursed to the student.
  • The contact person/s name, address, phone number and email.

Refund Information 

The Refund Policy for total withdrawals is available in the Student Accounts forms section of this site. Refund Schedules for specific semesters can be accessed by current students on My SHU.

Refunds to registered students who have a credit balance will be processed about a week after the last day of the drop/add period. Students enrolled in Session 1 and Session 2 classes (or M1 and M2) classes will have their refund processed about a week after the last day of the drop/add period for Session 2 (or M2).

Monthly Statements & Financial Aid

Monthly statements are available in electronic format only, and are available to students (and parents or authorized payers) online. Anticipated aid (financial aid that has been packaged but has not been received) may appear on your statement. Once federal aid starts to arrive and is posted, anticipated aid will no longer appear on the statement. If you have a Tuition Payment Plan through Nelnet (formerly Tuition Management Systems), the Outstanding Payment Plan Balance will appear on your statement, and your balance due is calculated after the payments expected from the payment plan. Any payments or aid you are expecting to receive that is not showing on the statement can be subtracted to determine the balance due.

If no anticipated or actual financial aid appears on your billing statement, you can check the status of your financial aid by logging into MySHU, and then logging into the Financial Aid Center to view that status of your financial aid and any missing documents.


Monetary fines may be assigned for:

  • Library violations, late returns or lost books.
  • Parking violations.
  • Room damages.
  • Common area damages.
  • Lost room keys.
  • Health form fines.
  • Violations of University policies that are against the general welfare and safety of the community.

Currency Conversion

Seton Hill University is not responsible for any currency conversion rates incurred if the payment is made with a non - U.S. credit card, or by international bank wire transfers.

Delinquent Accounts

All delinquent accounts will be assessed a 1.5% late payment fee each month that the account is past due. Students with unpaid, undeferred balances at the end of the semester will not be permitted to enroll in a future semester.

A student will not graduate, participate in commencement activities, or receive transcripts of collegiate record until all accounts with the University have been paid in full. In addition, if it becomes necessary for the University to engage an outside collection agency to assist in the collection of payment of the University bill, the student will be responsible for all collection and legal fees necessary for collection of the unpaid balance. At the time the student formally registers for classes, the student agrees to assume the responsibility for understanding Seton Hill University's official policies concerning schedule changes, residency changes, drop/add, and withdrawal policies, and policies regarding satisfactory academic progress. It is the student's responsibility to understand how these changes can affect his/her financial situation with regard to financial aid eligibility. 

If an account is in collection or has been closed and returned from collection and the University accepts a settlement in full instead of payment in full, all financial holds will be removed from the student's account.  However, the University will consider the student a high financial risk and reserves the right to prevent the student from future enrollment in the University; or if the student is granted permission to enroll, the University will require an upfront payment of 50% of the estimated balance due for the new semester in which the student wants to enroll.

Seton Hill University is a nonprofit institution of higher education. The student is responsible for all collection costs, including attorneys' fees and other charges, necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due. 

Purchase of Textbooks 

Textbooks and supplies may be purchased at the Seton Hill Bookstore on campus or online. The bookstore accepts cash, personal checks (with a Seton Hill University ID and a current driver's license) and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). You may also use Financial Aid to cover the cost of your books if you will have a credit on your account after tuition, fees, & room and board. 

Parking Permits

For campus safety reasons, all vehicles must be registered. Please visit the Parking Permits section of MySHU to register your vehicle.

Students Accounts is part of the Office of Financial Services & the Registrar. Contact the office at or (724) 830-1010.