Transfer Student Combines Interests in Psychology, Communication and Marketing at Seton Hill

Jessica McClelland is a transfer student who joined Seton Hill in her sophomore year. Now, as she gets ready to graduate, she shares her thoughts about landing on the Hill.

How Did You (Eventually) Decide to Enroll at Seton Hill?

I toured Seton Hill after graduating high school, but I chose another university in Pittsburgh for my freshman year. I made the decision to transfer to Seton Hill my sophomore year after not being satisfied with the education I was receiving, and campus life in general, at the school I’d chosen. Remembering Seton Hill's campus from my tour and having a few friends already enrolled influenced my decision to transfer. Also, Seton Hill is only 10 minutes away from where I live. It feels like home within my home.

You’ve Changed Majors as Well as Schools. Can You Share How Your Academic Interests Have Evolved?

I was a communication major, and I had switched to being a psychology major and kept communication as a minor at my previous school. I kept communication as it is important to our daily lives and I thought it would aid me as a psychology student. I switched to psychology because I was always fascinated by the complexities of people, and I always considered myself an empathic person who enjoyed listening to people. So, I was set on pursuing a career in counseling.

This changed when I learned in one of my communication courses about marketing psychology. Marketing is in our lives everywhere, and I became curious about how psychology ties in with marketing. I realized after this course that I could incorporate both psychology and communication knowledge and skills. This interest grew stronger as I took more communication and psychology courses at Seton Hill. 

Could You Briefly Describe Your Seton Hill Experience?

In general, being at Seton Hill has allowed me to make deep and meaningful connections with friends and professors. I was missing this at my previous school, and it has been a huge change in my life. As soon as I set foot on Seton Hill's campus, I knew I had made the right decision for myself.

As a psychology student, I can see the growth that I have made since sophomore year. At first, I didn't know much about psychology. I knew the basics but being able to take classes that explore multiple avenues of psychology have strengthened my knowledge and skills. I'd like to especially thank Dr. Elizabeth Jacobs (Betsy) for being a wonderful and caring professor. Under her teaching and guidance, I've strengthened my knowledge of psychology, and a skill that I value - academic writing.

I'd also like to bring remembrance of Dr. Bartel. He was the first professor I had when I transferred to Seton Hill, and he had a huge impact on me. The things I learned from him have carried me throughout my years at Seton Hill and I hope they will carry into the future. I know that he would be proud of the student I've become. 

Is There a Particular Project or Activity That Stands Out to You?

I would have to say a learning experience that stands out to me is my internship with Seton Hill’s Marketing Department. It’s the first time I actually had a hands-on experience incorporating aspects of communication, marketing and psychology. I enjoy putting out stories for Seton Hill's website. I love being able to highlight students' lives and get to know them and their programs. Seton Hill is important to me and I hope to show future students that it can be important to them.

What are Your Plans for the Future?

I’m interested in marketing psychology. I plan to get a career where I can apply my psychology, communication and marketing skills. I would also love to be able to work in a marketing department and write stories for local businesses or other universities.

What Would You Tell a High School Student Who Is Thinking About Psychology as a Major?

I would tell them that psychology will really make you think and question your life in a good way. In almost every psychology course I have taken, I have had the same students in the classroom with me. So, get to know each other because you'll be with them for about four years. It's also important to get to know your professors. The psychology professors have been a huge influence on my life.