Nursing Student Enjoys Being One of the First

Megan Nestor enjoys being one of the first students of the Daniel J. Wukich School of Nursing at Seton Hill. Here, she shares some of the reasons why.

Why Did You Pick Seton Hill’s Nursing School?

I choose to study nursing at Seton Hill because of the faculty and class sizes. Everyone genuinely wants you to succeed and do well in your classes. The class sizes, especially in your nursing classes, are pretty small. In lecture there are about 20 of us to one professor. In clinical, there are 7 of us to one professor. I love that this allows for us to get the one on one time that we may need with our professors. 

How Do You Like it So Far?

My experience in the nursing program has been great. Since we are a new program, there is constantly something new happening. Even with adjusting to brand new faculty each year, they all seem so excited to be a part of our program and to teach us. Everyone is so helpful.

Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Your Thinking About Your Chosen Major?

I do not think that the pandemic has affected the choosing of my career - or my education - in any negative way. It does not worry me or stress me out. I like to know that one of these days I will be able to help out, like so many other nurses have already. I think the pandemic has shown me a lot more of my personal strengths when it comes to my education. It brought me more confidence to ask questions to professors when needed.

What Stands Out to You About the Nursing Program?

The nursing lab time or clinical experience has been what stands out to me the most. I find that this is the most helpful because it lets me put all my skills to the test.

What Are Your Future Plans?

To become a pediatric nurse for a few years. I want to become a nurse practitioner either for family medicine or women's health. My goal is to have that schooling done by the time I am 30. 

What Would Say to Someone Who Is Looking into the Nursing School at Seton Hill?

I would tell prospective students that this is a great opportunity for them. They will for sure get a great education while they are here.