Greensburg, PA - Seton Hill University awarded 75 undergraduate degrees and 43 graduate degrees during its commencement exercises on December 15, 2003.

Dr. JoAnne Boyle, President of Seton Hill University, presided over the Commencement ceremonies in Cecilian Hall on Seton Hill’s campus. Dr. Mary Ann Gawelek, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the University, presented the candidates for degrees and Dr. Boyle conferred the degrees. Dr. Ann Infanger, S.C., Professor of Biology, addressed the graduating class. Dr. Lois Sculco, S.C., Vice President for Administration and Student Life, delivered the blessing to conclude the ceremonies.

A breakdown of the graduates and their degrees by home residence follows:

Uttara Dhaka
Mehran Saif, BS, Business

People's Republic of China
Guang Dong Province
Ping Ping Huang, MBA
Guang Zhou
Chen Liu, MBA
Qiqihar Hei Long
Ruiduo Zhang, BS, Business
Kun Zhao, MBA

United States
New Jersey
Nafiysa Robinson, BA, Communications
Conor Scullin, MA, Counseling
Psychology Apollo
Kimberly Jefferson, MA, Elementary Education
Belle Vernon
Christina Haines, MA, Special Education
Joann Sipos, BS, Accounting
Tammy Noss, BA, Psychology
Michelle Ruffner, BS, Family & Consumer Sciences
Amy Bridge, BA, Art Therapy
Michael Soich, MEd, Technologies Enhanced Learning
Central City
Megan Gowaty, MBA
Bethany Hescox, BS, Family & Consumer Sciences
Melanie Annis, BA, Human Services
Marianne Hammaker, BS, Accounting
Kathleen Higgins, MBA
Michelle Rosky, BA, Human Services
Debbie Kritikos, MEd, Technologies Enhanced Learning
Cynthia Scarpo, BA, Business
Theresa Guntli, BA, Art
Mary Donaldson, MEd, Technologies Enhanced Learning
Ronald Falk, BA, Business
Deborah Gibb, BS, Business
Elizabeth Segraves, BA, Human Services
Lisa Adams, BA, Family Studies
Jenell Krymowski, MBA
Deneen White, BS, Business
Ford City
Rachel Gross, BA, Art Therapy
Michele Chishko, BA, Human Services
Heidi Brown, BA, Mathematics
Ryan Dezzutti, BA, Psychology
Jeffrey Doran, MA, Marriage & Family Therapy
Shannon Dunkle, MA, Elementary Education
Robert Errett, BS, Business
Christine Godor, MA, Special Education
Jill Gribbin, MA, Elementary Education
Timothy Grohal, BS, Business
Vikram Karki, MBA
Mark Kissner, BFA, Art
Suzanne Krisner, BS, Business
Daniel McCarty, MBA
Alaine Nativio, BS, Family & Consumer Sciences
Alison Pawlosky, BS, Business
Paula Purnell, MA, Elementary Education
Melissa Reed, BFA, Art
Michael Schmitt, MA, Special Education
Amanda Shaffer, BA, Psychology
Michele Sheffler, BA, Human Services
Karin Stamford, MA, Elementary Education
Mindy Vickers, BS, Family & Consumer Sciences
Kimberly Wertz, BS, Business
Marcia Westerman-Gombar, BS, Business
Mark Whalen, BS, Business
Jennifer Yarnell, BS, Business
Christopher Zagrodnichek, BS, Business
Kimberly Slack, MBA
James Yuvan, BA, Business
Kathleen Hoffman, BS, Business
Jane Miller, MBA
Colleen O’Rourke, BA, Business
Sandra Sekerka, BS, Accounting
Amanda Ambrose, BS, Business
Michelle Bertolino, MA, Elementary Education
Jamie Carr, BA, Art Therapy
Catherine Hoenshell, BA, Psychology Latrobe
Linda Altman, MEd, Technologies Enhanced Learning
Nicole Goelz, MBA
Harold Myers, Jr., MBA
Kimberly Pavlik, MA, Elementary Education
Curtis Rellick, BS, Business
Carrie Schmucker, BS, Business
Meg Varner, BA, Art
Eric Ryan Voyten, MA, Elementary Education
Michael Droske, BA, Business
Sharon Greenawalt, BA, Psychology
Elizabeth Kuhns, BA, Art
Lower Burrell
Alexis Pleva, MS, Management
Mt. Pleasant
Samra El-Attrache, BA, Psychology
Kelli Gorecki, BA, Psychology
Stephanie Mellon, BS, Family & Consumer Sciences
April Shroyer, BS, Business
Kristin Strautmann, BS, Accounting
Monica Tenerovich, MA, Special Education
Karen Connors, MA, Special Education
Adam Miller, BS, Business
Kathleen Vincent, MBA
Shirley Young, MA, Special Education
New Florence
Dee Ambrose-Stahl, MA, Special Education
New Kensington
Jermaine Bracy, MA, Special Education
New Stanton
Denise Campbell, BA, Human Services
North Huntingdon
Marianne Gaydos, BS, Accounting
Stephen Kochis, BS, Business
Norma McGowan, BS, Business
Rebecca Pine, BA, Psychology
Michael Ziemski, MEd, Technologies Enhanced Learning
Gretchen Luchs, MA, Elementary Education
Donna Hatalowich, BA, Human Services
Cynthia Rinier-Toth, MEd, Technologies Enhanced Learning
Beth Asper, MA, Counseling Psychology
Jo McMullen, BS, Business
Leslie Miller, BA, Sociology
Rural Ridge
Lisa Ball, BA, Psychology
Mary Walters, BS, Business
Krista Boyer, BA, Art Therapy
Rebecca Hohol, MA, Counseling Psychology
Lisa Rizza, MA, Special Education
James Kunkle, BS, Business
Marlane Busch, BA, History
April Maskiewicz, BA, Art
Julianne Jyachosky, BS, Business
Linda Robinson, BS, Business
Valerie Annis, BA, Sociology
Westmoreland City
Nicolette Hineman, BA, Sociology
Falls Church
Cosmin Stanciulescu, BS, Accounting
West Virginia
Angela Baus, MA, Marriage & Family Therapy

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