GREENSBURG, PA- The Seton Hill College Alumnae Corporation Board and the Westmoreland County Alumnae/i Club addressed the needs of several constituents on campus.

The Alumnae Corporation Board made three gifts this fall that have had an impact on a number of students on campus. The Board recently gave $2,000 each to the Seton Hill College Kindergarten; the Rainy Day Fund; and the African-American Rainy Day Fund. The gift to the kindergarten purchased a video camera, new sliding board for the playground, a new kitchen set and a sand and water table. The donation to the Rainy Day Fund helped expand the Lending Library that was created to help students gain access to textbooks that they can borrow for classes when they do not have the financial ability to purchase them. The funding for the African-American Rainy Day Fund specifically serves students on campus in times of need, providing funding for everything from bus tickets home to cash loans during family emergencies.

In addition the Westmoreland County Alumnae/i Club gave $390 to the art therapy program to purchase a digital camera for art therapy graduate students and $360 to the music department to purchase a bass guitar. Both pieces of equipment are used to enhance the students’ classroom experiences in those divisions.

Seton Hill would like to thank both the Alumnae Corporation Board and the Westmoreland Club for their continuous generosity in helping make a difference in the lives of our students.