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Seton Hill University Vice President for Information Technology and CIO Phil Komarny has been invited to present the University’s mobile learning initiatives at the 2012 Apple University Executive Forum (UEF), in Cupertino, Calif. Sponsored by Apple, the conference brings together leading CIOs and technologists from universities interested in implementing the iPad in undergraduate education.

Komarny will participate in the discussion, “iPad in Undergraduate Curriculum: Best Practices Learned,” with Ron Kramer, vice president and CIO, University of Notre Dame, and Marty Ringle, chief technology officer, Reed College.

“Seton Hill is a mobile campus and we put our students, our customers, first. Such a focus helps guide the way our University uses technology to benefit students; indeed, this has led us to the consumerization of technology on our campus,” said Komarny. “The iPad has transformed the thinking around teaching and learning, administrative and business procedures and the way we use space at Seton Hill.”

The Seton Hill mobile technology program provides all incoming first-year full-time students with an Apple iPad2 and a 13" MacBook Pro laptop, along with the technical support and robust, wireless infrastructure to support their use anywhere on Seton Hill's hilltop campus, Greensburg campus and in the University's new Center for Orthodontics.

Faculty members have already been provided with iPads, and many already use MacBook laptops they received while taking part in a progressive Seton Hill program that trains faculty in the use of advanced technologies inside and outside of the classroom.

The Seton Hill undertaking is campus-wide and involves continuing training of faculty, some of whom are taking part in a pilot project using interactive electronic textbooks. The University has also provided pervasive wireless technology and, through an Apple Certified Service Center located on campus, technological support throughout the college community.

Komarny continued, “Faculty have determined that students are more highly engaged. The use of the iPad and applications we have implemented have resulted in more active participation and more meaningful discussion around issues. We have seen a significant increase in contact between faculty and students as a result of the new channels available for communication.”

In January, Seton Hill University was recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program for its success in enhancing and extending teaching and learning with thoughtful and innovative implementations of technology. The Apple Distinguished Program designation is reserved for programs that are recognized centers of educational excellence and leadership. Additionally, in October 2011, Seton Hill University was named “eCampus of the Month” by eCampus News, an online news source providing current information, resources and reports on the applications of technology to improve learning. The University has also been recognized by IvyWise, a New York-based counseling company, as one of five universities in the country as a leader in mobile technology.

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