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Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Shares Her Experience In Seton Hill’s Online M.A. in Special Education

Maggie Zimmerman teaches three and four year olds in the Pre-Kindergarten Program at Aquinas Academy in Greensburg, Pa. She’s also finishing up a master’s degree in special education at Seton Hill. She recently took the time to answer some questions about her experience.

What made you decide to enroll in the M.A. in Special Education program at Seton Hill?

I know the school is well-known for their education program and I have a friend who earned her undergrad at Seton Hill and really enjoyed it. We decided to go into the master's program together. I chose to enroll in the Special Education Program at Seton Hill because I can complete the program online, which is perfect for a full-time teacher. 

"I love the online format. It makes teaching full time and continuing my education possible."

How has your experience been so far?

My experience has been very successful. All of the courses are relevant to teaching in today's classroom dealing with daily issues and concepts that are relatable and valuable to me as an educator. 

Are you able to use what you’re learning in your classroom?

I have learned many skills and concepts that I have already been able to implement in my classroom. 

How is the online format working out for you?

I love the online format. It makes teaching full time and continuing my education possible. I have the flexibility to get my coursework completed on my own time making it easier for me to really dive into the course materials and benefit from each assignment. I really enjoy not only communicating regularly with my professors but also with my peers. It's been extremely beneficial to me to hear other teachers experiences and being able to relate to them. 

Please share anything else about Seton Hill or the M.A. program that you feel would be good for teachers considering the program to know.

The program is very informational and is designed to meet full-time teachers' needs so that we are able to do our jobs and further our education to make us stronger in our field. I would suggest the program to any teachers who are considering a graduate program!