Written By: Debbie Fredo, Human Services major & Dane Zimmer, Communication Adjunct Faculty

The Saturday Organizational Leadership class joined together at Ligonier Camp and Conference Center (LCCC) for an outdoor educational experience on Saturday, September 1, 2007. For some of the students, it was their first introduction to each other. But after three hours of group team building activities, the group left with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Not only were the activities a success, but much was learned about one another and the power of teamwork. And each of us was surprised at ourselves for our stamina, ingenuity, and sense of humor throughout the activities. Our team leader from LCCC, Allen, was also a true inspiration and motivator. In addition to a great learning experience, the 11 students obtained a better understanding of each other and how working together developed each of us and provided new insights. The consensus of the group was that it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun with only minor casualties.

Some comments from the participants include:

“The experience I felt during our trip was more like a survival training and showing the value of leadership. The greatest misunderstanding about leadership is that people think it is based on position, but it is not. It is not the position that makes the leader; it is the leader that makes the position.”
Leslie Brown, Senior, Human Services major

“After the activities were completed, there was a sense of accomplishment and pride among the entire team. There was also a sense of unity between all members of the team. I said on Saturday after the activities were completed and I believe it bears repeating, I do not feel that any group of classmates could build the unity that we did by sitting through typical classroom lectures in such a short period of time.”
James Yauger, Sophomore, Business major

“The group moved from task to task with enthusiasm and willingness to take on the challenges that were asked of all of us. We started out as individuals of a group and progressed to a group who began to work together and solve problems. . . I am very proud of my group and myself as we started to trust one another and communicate our wants and needs as a team.”
Melanie Wood, Senior, Human Services major

“I had a great time and walked away learning more about myself. I feel that I can function better as a member of a team. . . LCCC made me realize the importance of every member of a group. We soon discovered everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and used them to our advantage. . . I have always seen each person as an individual. Some of our strongest people in our class were the ones who others would never pick to be a part of their survival team.”
Cindy King, Junior, Human Services major