Head Griffins Coach Tony Morocco knows that the definition of a winning basketball team is more than the numbers on the score board. The men’s basketball team has posted a 70-35 overall record in the five short years it’s been in existence, but it’s the team’s community-service activities off the court of which he’s more proud.

On Saturday, October 20, Morocco and his 18 players visited the retired Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill at Caritas Christi, the Congregation’s motherhouse. Joining them were Coach Morocco’s wife, Marilyn, and his two sisters, Antoinette and Donna Morocco. In an afternoon spent playing bingo where winners competed against the players at a make-shift basketball hoop, the sisters enjoyed the youthful enthusiasm of the team members and the team learned valuable lessons in giving back to others.

“It’s important that we give back,” said Morocco. “We’ve been given so much and our kids can have so much influence on others. We think it’s important that the members of our team learn to be of service by being in the presence of these sisters who have given their life to be of service to others. This experience teaches them many life lessons, including humility. A visit like this helps us to live out the Seton Hill University mission and shows our kids that there is a life to live beyond sports.”

This was the team’s second visit to Caritas Christi. Additionally the group visits several hospitals in the area and are guests at the annual Christmas party for the people who participate in The Arc of Westmoreland.

“I want kids to know that athletes do positive things,” said Morocco.

For the retired Sisters of Charity, the visit was an opportunity to continue their mission in a simple way. Through their interaction with the players and the cards and notes sent following the visit, the sisters offered support and encouragement to these young men.

“After meeting the members of the team, many of us are looking forward to attending a game,” noted Sister Therese Burns, SC, who was one of the sisters to participate in the gathering.