Nursing Student Adam Goodnack is Ready to Make an Impact

Adam Goodnack is a “first-generation college student and only child” who wasn’t sure what college would be like. Now, as one of the first generation of Seton Hill nursing students, he shares his thoughts on what it’s like to lead the way.

Why did you choose Seton Hill?

I knew I wanted to work in the healthcare field.  Seton Hill has a good student-to-professor ratio, and it’s close to home. I liked that it’s a smaller campus. And here I can continue to be involved with Catholicism.

As a first-generation college student - is the university experience close to what you expected?Daniel J. Wukich School of Nursing

Dr. Kondas [assistant professor and Nursing Program Director] and Carrie Slagel [nursing instructor] - and really every professor, both nursing and liberal arts - helped me feel at ease. So did my RAs, roommates...the whole process has been positive.

Why did you choose to major in nursing?

I wanted to interact directly with patients. I think as a nurse you’re going to be there for people when they really need it, often when they’re scared. The bond with nurses has been important in helping patients get through pandemic situations. 

So the pandemic had an affect on your choice of career field?

I did my clinicals during the time of COVID. It strengthened my belief that this is what I wanted to do. We were at the William Penn Care Center in Jeannette. Interacting with the patients - sometimes they just needed someone to talk to, or to see a new face. I felt that what we did was impactful. It was a big step forward from the classroom.

Did you feel safe gaining clinical experience during a pandemic?

The faculty did everything to ease our transition into the field, and to prepare us to be safe. Carrie Slagel [nursing instructor] really pushed the point home. She had us practice proper techniques ahead of time, including donning and removing PPE.

If you had the opportunity to speak to a high school student who is considering Seton Hill's Nursing Program, what would you say to them?

Follow your heart. Remember that you will have the opportunity to change your mind. There are lots of people at Seton Hill to talk to if you need help. You’ll have professional relationships with your professors. You’ll be well-rounded in your knowledge because of the liberal arts environment. And you’ll find it’s so accepting of diversity and diverse perceptions. 

What are your plans for the future?

I volunteered in the emergency room at Forbes Hospital in Monroeville. I’m interested in emergency medicine and cardiothoracic intensive care. I also may go into a nursing specialization -  becoming a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. Nursing is such a rewarding field. I’m glad to be moving forward in it.

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