Marriage & Family Therapy Graduate Students Learn Play Therapy with the Help of the Child Development Center

Recently, graduate students in Seton Hill’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program visited the three, four and five year olds enrolled in Seton Hill’s Child Development Center (CDC). As the CDC kids enjoyed free play time, the graduate students (led by their instructor, Dr. Una Henry) joined in - to observe, and to practice the skill of guiding play without becoming the dominant figure. 

After free play came circle time, in which the children reviewed their graduate student “helpers,” identified important dates on the calendar, and learned the fingerplay for “Five Little Pumpkins.” 

In addition to being enjoyable for students of all ages, time spent playing together allowed the graduate students in instructor Henry’s “Families in Larger Systems” class to gain valuable experience with the concept of play therapy, while the CDC children practiced interacting with new people (and making new friends).

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