M. Paris Stamates Tested the Water at Disney Before Becoming a Chemist at Mylan

Stints at Disney and a pharmacy were along Chemistry Program graduate M. Paris Stamates’ path to his job as a quality control chemist at Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

“We get ingredients to make the drugs from all over the world. We manufacture it, then my team tests everything to make sure it’s made accurately and properly,” he says.

Mylan tests perhaps two bottles in a batch of 2 million doses. “We take a tablet, break it open, measure the different components, the overall quality. Every single thing we make has to go through a series of tests so we can sign it off to pharmacies,” Stamates says.

“I go in every day and I don’t know what drug I’m testing. I like the change-up.”

Stamates moved to Florida after graduating with pharmacy school in mind. “I worked as a pharmacy technician and realized that I was interested in the research, the development of the drugs.”

Then Disney offered a professional internship.

“I took it because it was so cool – one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.”

Stamates tested water at Epcot – every pool and aquarium where its 6,000 species and animals live or drink.

“Having Disney on my resume was a good conversation starter” when Mylan called, he says. 

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