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Sports Management Grad Working in Spain for Business Advisors Gartner, Inc.

She didn’t speak Spanish before her transfer from the United States to Spain, but Katherine “Katie” Bloomgren is learning the language fast as she is immersed in life on the Iberian Peninsula.

Bloomgren will be working for at least two years in Spain for Gartner, Inc., an IT research and advisory company. She previously worked in Florida and Texas for Gartner. In her role, she trains new hires to understand the company’s culture: “This is how we do business and how we sell,” she says.

Her career path has shifted significantly since her early days at Seton Hill, where Bloomgren’s first major was Religious Education. She changed her focus to Sports Management, a major that suited her life as a Seton Hill volleyball team member. Then, while still in school, Bloomgren discovered that she had a knack for selling. In one memorable incident, she inadvertently sold a couch at Costco to a customer, who asked if the store would credit Bloomgren. She had just been chatting with the buyer.

Bloomgren credits Dr. Robert Zullo, a former Seton Hill professor, for molding her into the individual she is today.

“He always challenged me to do other things and ... to throw myself into the unknown,” she says. “That is something that has definitely been one of my strengths at this company.” 

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