Seton Hill University’s Faculty Professional Development programs seeks to expand and enhance classroom instruction by training faculty in the use of interactive and assistive technologies and the understanding and use of performance-based assessment measures.

Continuing technology training sessions for faculty addresses topics in a variety of areas, including: Web 2.0 and Social Media Applications, Multimedia Tools, Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVEs), Using Video Gaming Concepts in an Educational Environment, iPads-Use of Mobile Devices and Virtual Faculty Academy.

iPad forums began in fall 2010. Topics included: iPad Jitters-Can We Do This?; iPads Expanding Classroom Resources: Use as Whiteboards, Clickers, Information Tools, Collaborative Teaching Experiences; Contextualizing Student Experiences with iPads in Academe: A Collaborative Exploration of What We Expected and What Surprised Us So Far; Writing-How iPad Might Help; Classroom Management: Challenges with the iPad; The iPad Experiment: How Are We Assessing?; Three Tools for Your Teaching Toolbox; Making Western Cultures Real: Activity Based Assessment in the Classroom.

Training for faculty through the Faculty Professional Development will continue to evolve to meet the needs of Seton Hill’s ever-changing student population.