Coronavirus Important Updates

At the end of February, Mary Ann Gawelek, Ed.D., provost and dean of faculty, and Phil Komarny, vice president of Computer and Information Technology, presented information about Seton Hill University’s Griffin Technology Advantage Program at the Abilene Christian University Connected Summit in Abilene, Texas.

Gawelek and Komarny’s presentation addressed the topic “Why Mobile? The Griffin Technology Advantage.”

Seton Hill’s Griffin Technology Advantage Program maintains the following objectives: creates a teaching and learning environment that goes beyond the confines of a traditional classroom; encourages widespread use of mobile technology for instantaneous access to information; deepens critical and creative thinking through teaching strategies; increases student engagement in learning; decreases costs for students through the use of e-texts.

Gawelek noted that Seton Hill could not have developed the Griffin Technology Advantage Program without the existence of four institutional conditions: educational vision and commitment by the president and Board of Trustees; academic leadership confident that mobile technology would play a key role in improving teaching and learning for today’s students; excitement and a service-oriented attitude from the information technology team; flexibility and curiosity on the part of the faculty as well as a willingness to participate in a comprehensive and continuing faculty development program.

The Griffin Technology Advantage Program continues to have a positive impact on teaching and learning at Seton Hill. Faculty members embrace the use of technology in their students’ lives through visual images, music and/or gaming. Administration and faculty recognize that learning is not confined to a classroom; it can be designed to occur anywhere, anytime. There is a renewed focus on the access to information and its fluency.