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In His Own Words: A Major in Music & A Minor in Computer Science

“Attending Seton Hill University for a Bachelor of Arts in Music enabled me to combine my passion for music with my interest in Computer Science.  While pursuing a BA in Music (saxophone), I was also able to complete sufficient course work for a minor in Computer Science. Although the two areas of study may not appear to be related, creativity is an integral element for both fields. Currently, I work as the Network Assistant in the Jeannette City School District and have been working in the Information Technology field since graduating from Seton Hill University. My days are spent using my problem solving skills that were developed during my pursuit of the BA.  However, I have not left my love of performing behind. Often times, you may find me participating in music ensembles or performing at local churches. Therefore, receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Music from Seton Hill University has helped me develop into a well-rounded and successful individual.”

- Michael Weaver (SHU ’14)