Forensic Accounting MBA Grad First to Become A Certified Fraud Examiner

In November 2019, Tina Antolik, a Seton Hill alumna, received an email confirming that she is now an official Certified Fraud Examiner. Tina is the first person to become certified since Seton Hill started its online MBA program in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination in May 2018. 

Tina decided that she wanted to start college around 2011. At the time, she was interested in a promotion at her job as a business analyst. However, those who applied for this position needed to have a college degree. After discussing matters with her bosses, Tina enrolled in Seton Hill’s Adult Degree Program. She received the promotion. 

“There are so many opportunities out there in the forensic accounting field.” 

“I made the commitment to go back to school,” she says, “and my bosses made the commitment to give me the position.”

After earning her bachelor's degree, Tina enrolled in Seton Hill's online MBA Program

“I took advantage of Seton Hill’s Preferred Employer discount, and did receive tuition reimbursement," Tina commented. “I did change jobs at one point in time, but I was still able to receive those benefits.”

Tina earned both a bachelor’s in accounting and an MBA in forensic accounting and fraud examination at Seton Hill. She now works as an office manager with accounting responsibilities. She’s very happy with her job, and recommends Seton Hill to other professionals.

“It’s challenging,” she says of the MBA Program. “There are so many opportunities out there in the forensic accounting field.”