Dance Major Gets Experience in Performance, Teaching & Choreography

Skyler Hostetler is majoring in dance at Seton Hill University. While she’s “officially” on the performance track, that hasn’t stopped her from getting involved in dance education, choreography, and everything else the Dance Program has to offer. Below are her answers to some frequently asked questions about what it’s like to be a dance major at Seton Hill.

Why did you choose to become a dance major?

Growing up, I’ve always told myself that I wanted to be in a profession that made me genuinely happy. I wanted to have a passion for what I did. As the years went by I realized that my one true passion was dance. 

Why did you choose Seton Hill? 

I ended up visiting a couple colleges that offered dance as a major, but none of them felt right for me until I visited Seton Hill. I knew Seton Hill was the right choice for me when I attended the Dancer For A Day event. TaMara Swank and the dance faculty are incredible. They made me feel at home. 

What is a typical day like as a Seton Hill dance major?

It’s always an early morning as a dance major, but I don’t mind starting out my day with some early morning movement. My days are filled with many dance classes and an occasional class up on the Hill. After classes, I either teach or have rehearsal/practice. Staying busy is a priority for me, so I love that my day is filled with different areas of dance. I get to be a student and a teacher as a dance major at Seton Hill. In between my classes and rehearsals, I love to hang out in the Arts Building or get some time for myself. 

"The dance program also offers a wide variety of faculty, styles, and tracks that allow us to focus on reaching our fullest potential."

What did you hope to get out of the dance program, and did you achieve it?

Entering the program, I really wanted to find what path to take as a dancer. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to perform, teach, or choreograph, or what I wanted to do after I graduated. Over the past two years, I have had many opportunities that have helped to guide me along the way. I’ve had a lot of performance opportunities both on and off campus and I started teaching and choreographing for local studios as well as the Seton Hill University Dance Academy (SHUDA). I serve as the choreographer for the Seton Hill University Dance Team and assistant/demonstrator for the Thrive Dance Convention faculty. All of these opportunities have helped me realize that I can do it all. I don’t need to limit myself to one area of dance because I have a passion for each of these areas. 

What stands out to you about Seton Hill’s Dance Program?

The Visual and Performing Arts Program here is unlike any other because the faculty thrives on uniqueness. Each individual is seen for his/her strengths and weaknesses and is given a personalized path which leads to one's end goals. The facilities at the arts building are modern and stunning, just being in the building inspires me. The dance program also offers a wide variety of faculty, styles, and tracks that allow us to focus on reaching our fullest potential. Everyone was so genuine and I felt appreciated for my strengths that will guide me in my future plans as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. 

What are your plans for after graduation?

When I graduate, I’m hoping to audition and perform as well as teach and choreograph at dance conventions. In the distant future, I may consider opening a dance complex of my own. This program has opened my eyes to all the opportunities that I have ahead me and continues to positively impact my passion for dance. 

What advice do you have for high school students who may be considering becoming a dance major at Seton Hill?

As cheesy as it sounds, you truly will know, deep down inside, when a college is the right choice for you. Always look for a college that welcomes you as an individual. You should find a college that appreciates your unique qualities and where those around you can help lift you up.