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Business Alumnus Andrew DeMase ’09 an Account Manager for Baker Hughes

30 under 30 logoOne of Andrew DeMase’s mottos is: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” 

He learned it at Seton Hill, and continues to practice challenging himself today in his job, and in other areas of his life. 

“I always try to get out of my comfort zone and learn new things,” Andrew says. 

“We’re always growing, we’re always evolving. I always make a point to continually improve myself.” 

DeMase works as an account manager and technical consultant for operators in the oil and gas industry, which Baker Hughes Inc. serves. 

He studies fluid dynamics, and once a well is drilled, he helps Baker Hughes’ clients maximize the well’s natural-gas production and minimize issues that come along. Andrew – who earned both an undergraduate business degree and M.B.A. from Seton Hill – spends time both in his office and out in the field with engineers. 

“I’m always trying to show our operators what the return on their investment is,” he says. Andrew joined Baker Hughes in 2014 after stints in other industries, including sports information and medical-equipment. With his new focus on oil and gas production, Andrew feels as though he has found the right fit professionally. 

“I always try to get out of my comfort zone and learn new things.”

“Life’s hard. College prepares you the best way you can, but there’s nothing like getting out in the real world,” he says. 

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