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How to Report an Incident

Individuals can report prohibited conduct to the Title IX Coordinator using the contact information below.  Students and employees may also submit a report using the University's online system which has an option of reporting anonymously and can be accessed here.

A student reporting an incident of alleged sexual violence sometimes asks that his/her name not be disclosed to the alleged respondent or that no investigation or disciplinary action be pursued to address the alleged sexual violence. In such cases, the Title IX Coordinator will inform the student that honoring the request may limit the University’s ability to respond fully to the incident, including pursuing disciplinary action against the alleged respondent, and will explain that this Policy and the law include protections against retaliation. If the student still requests that his or her name not be disclosed to the alleged respondent or that the University not investigate or seek action against the alleged respondent, the Title IX Coordinator will determine whether or not the University can honor such a request while still providing a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students, including the student who reported the incident of alleged sexual violence. 

Prompt reporting of such incidents makes investigation of the incident more effective and enhances the ability of the University to take prompt and appropriate action regarding a complaint or report, including the ability to take interim protective measures. Although Seton Hill does not impose a limitations period for reviewing internal complaints of alleged violations of this Policy, the University recognizes that to conduct a meaningful investigation and take prompt action as appropriate, a timely report or complaint is important. Individuals who believe they have been subjected to alleged violations will be informed about options for resolving potential violations. Those options include informal resolution and formal resolution pursuant to this Policy. An advocate from Blackburn Center can be present to offer support to complainants who have experienced domestic or sexual violence.

Darlene Sauers, Title IX Coordinator
Phone: (724) 838-4210
Office Address: Administration Room 305