The Gordon Institute for Music Learning Professional Development Levels Course - Elementary General Music Level 1

About Elementary General PDLCs

Elementary General Music PDLCs are based on the premise that the most effective method for teaching music to children is encompassed in a three-stage approach, called Whole/Part/Whole. Students who enroll in a PDLC program have an active role. They are responsible for learning the material offered, for teaching with a high degree of competence, and for demonstrating their understanding of the methods by peer teaching and writing lesson plans. 

Stage 1 (Whole) is experiencing music in many tonalities, meters, styles, and timbres.  Techniques may include singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening,  playing instruments, creating and improvising, reading, writing, and performing. At Stage 1, students experience music in a holistic way. Music content, such as different tonalities and meters is introduced in Stage 1. In Stage 2 (Part), students are studying the parts of music by learning a specific vocabulary of tonal and rhythm patterns. Music skills, such as the association of tonal and rhythm solfege with tonal and rhythm patterns, and music reading are introduced in Stage 2. In Stage 3 (Whole), students synthesize the content experienced in Stages 1 & 2 to provide understanding and comprehension of music. This understanding results in students engaging in musical activities in a sophisticated way.  - from

The 2022 course ran July 11-22 and was successfully completed!

Check back as we hope to offer other PDLCs in the future


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