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James Paharik Ph.D.
Joined Seton Hill
Pittsburgh, PA
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Dr. Paharik is the Director of the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education. He is Professor of Sociology and Behavioral Health. His primary areas of research are genocide and Holocaust Studies, social inequality, conflict and peacemaking, and the sociology of communities.


  • International School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Israel [More Information]
  • Summer Program, National Endowment for the Humanities, Yale University
  • Ph.D., Department of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh


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  • :The Desire for Revenge Undermines the Quest for Peace in the Holy Land." The Pittsburgh Catholic, July 11, 2014.
  • “Forty Years of Silence: Indonesia in the Context of Suharto’s Brutal Regime.” In Carol Rittner, ed. Learn, Teach, Prevent: Holocaust Education in the 21st Century. Greensburg, PA: Seton Hill University, 2010. 293-302.
  • The Long Journey: In Search of Justice and Peace in Jerusalem. Liturgical Press, 2009 [More Information]
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  • Envisioning the Future of Beit Benedict Peace Academy: Obstacles, Opportunities and Recommendations. A research report to Dormition Abbey, Jerusalem, 2007
  • Housing in Westmoreland County: An Assessment. A research report on low-income housing in Westmoreland County. Co-authored with Marilyn Sullivan-Cosetti. Commissioned by the Westmoreland Coalition on Housing. September, 2003
  • External Evaluation of the IM4Q Program in Westmoreland County, 2002-03. A research report on the Independent Monitoring Program to the Mental Health Association. March, 2003
  • The School-Based Probation Program in Westmoreland County: An Evaluation. A research report to the Regional Youth Services Center of Westmoreland County. May, 2001


  • Knight, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem


  • International Association of Genocide Scholars
  • Peace and Justice Studies Association
  • Catholic Peacebuilders Network
  • North Central Sociological Association


  • "Teaching about the Threat to American Democracy." North Central Sociological Association annual conference (virtual). April, 2020
  • "Dealing with Divisive Issues in the Classroom." Panel session at the annual conference of the North Central Sociological Association, Pittsburgh, PA, March, 2018
  • “Reflections on Twenty Years Directing the Human Services Program." Alpha Sigma Lambda, Seton Hill University, April, 2017
  • "Social Entrepreneurship: Peacebuilding in Israel/Palestine." Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, October, 2014 [More Information]
  • "Sulha: A traditional approach to restorative justice." Annual conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association, Waterloo, Ontario, October, 2013 [More Information]
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  • “Peacemaking in the Spirit of Saint Benedict.” Oblate Conference, Mount Angel Abbey, Portland, OR. July, 2010 [More Information]
  • “Toward a Faithful Life.” Commencement Address, Seton Hill University. December, 2009
  • “Catholic Social Teaching and Genocide: War, Human Rights, and the Culture of Death.” LeFrak Holocaust Education Conference, National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education, Seton Hill University. November, 2009 [More Information]
  • “The Crisis Facing Holy Land Christians.” Knights of the Holy Sepulchre Annual Conference, Northwestern Lieutenancy, Boise, ID. September, 2009
  • “Post-Holocaust Theology: Changes in Catholic-Jewish Relations in the Aftermath of the Shoah.” International School of Holocaust Education, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. 2008
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  • “Responding to Community Challenges: Reflections on the Role of Sociological Research.” Annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Sociological Society, California, PA. October, 2003 [More Information]
  • “A Core Curriculum for the Millennium Generation.” Association for General and Liberal Studies. Pittsburgh, PA. October, 2001
  • “Postmodern Disney: Globalization and Control of the Imagination.” Conference on Rethinking Disney: Private Control and Public Dimensions. Florida Atlantic University, November, 2000
  • “Ethnicity and Social Mobility: Sociological Implications of the Work of Richard Rodriguez.” National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies conference, Houston, TX. February, 2000
  • “Sociological Perspectives on the Future.” Symposium on the Year 2000. Greensburg, PA. February, 2000
  • “Paradigms of the Future: From Mass Society to Postmodernism.” Virginia Humanities Conference, Staunton, VA. March, 1999 [More Information]
  • “Service Learning in Developmental Perspective.” Council of Independent Colleges, National Institute on Learning and Service. Chicago, IL. June, 1995
  • “Sociology and Social Activism: The Case of Robert Park.” Pennsylvania Sociological Society annual meeting, Pennsylvania State University. October, 1994 [More Information]
  • “Designing and Assessing the Senior Seminar.” National Conference on Successful College Teaching and Administration, Orlando, FL. October, 1992
  • “The Dialectic of Disenchantment and Reenchantment in the Work of Max Weber.” Interdisciplinary Conference on Myth and Knowledge, Memorial University of Newfoundland. May,1992
  • “Cross-Training the Mind: The Theory and Practice of the Integrated Curriculum.” Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Miami, OH. November, 1990 [More Information]
  • “Fascism in the Perspective of Critical Theory.” National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Faculty Seminar. Yale University, 1987 [More Information]
  • “Sociology and Prophecy: Images of the Future in the Work of Marx, Weber and Tonnies.” International Conference on the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Bowdoin College. May, 1987


  • International Institute for Educators, Yad Vashem, Israel


  • Member, Diocesan Heritage Center, Greensburg, PA 2014-present.
  • Staff Member, International School of Holocaust Education, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Summer, 2008
  • Faculty Advisor, Genocide and Holocaust Studies Program, 2007-present
  • Coordinator of the Human Services Program, Seton Hill University, 1999-present
  • Advisory Board Member, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Diocese of Greensburg, 2000-05
  • Consultant to the Bethlehem Project, an organization to prevent homelessness in Westmoreland County, 1999-2004
  • Chair, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Seton Hill University, 1985-89, 1993-97
  • Coordinator of the Core Curriculum, Seton Hill University, 1987-93