Mission Statement

In keeping with the founding vision of the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education, our Mission is as follows:

  • To develop educational resources on the Holocaust and other genocides for use by Seton Hill faculty and staff as well as K-12 teachers in the community;
  • To foster an appreciation of Judaism and promote dialogue between Jews and Catholics both on campus and in the wider community;
  • To apply Catholic Social Teaching in order to raise awareness of, and take action to counter, antisemitism, racism, and all forms of bigotry in the contemporary world.


The Center's current Director is James Paharik, Ph.D., professor of sociology. Founding Directors Sister Gemma Del Duca, S.C., Ph.D., and Sister Noël Kernan, S.C., Ph.D. (pictured below), both hold the title of co-director emerita.



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Tour Of Our Center

Contact the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education by email, or by calling (724) 830-1033.