Founded by the Sisters of CharityThe Catholic identity of Seton Hill University is a distinguishing mark of the University today, as it has been since its founding by the Sisters of Charity in 1885.

While Catholic identity has been a lived reality at Seton Hill during its history, the challenges of embodying this identity in an increasingly complex and pluralistic world call for a new reflection.

The faith vision permeates all that Seton Hill does. It is a vision of life grounded in the biblical experience of God in relation to humanity and of God's intentions for all of creation.

 “The front door, the back door, the side door that leads to the Chapel…all the windows, upstairs and downstairs, open at your coming.”

- Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

At the theological level, this vision affirms that God is gracious creator and loving savior, that God has become present personally in history in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, and that the Spirit of God continues to live in the Church, guiding it to its final destiny with God.

This experience of the Divine exhibits several important truths about the world; that all of creation is sacred, that human beings made in the image of God have an incomparable worth and dignity, and that they are called to share with God through their graced actions in the world in the building of a more just and compassionate world. 

A Catholic university welcoming students of all faithsThis vision of life is a wholistic vision, inclusive of all peoples and of the whole of life. While its expression at Seton Hill has been shaped by the Roman Catholic tradition of Christianity, it naturally embraces all those who follow the biblical tradition; and its basic values are in harmony with the faith visions of the other great religious and humanistic traditions of the world. In the ecumenical spirit of the Second Vatican Council, Seton Hill University welcomes peoples of all faiths to share the riches of their own religious and spiritual traditions. It respects their religious freedom and delights in the opportunities for enrichment of faith and culture that their presence offers.

For more information, please contact Sister Maureen O'Brien, S.C., Vice President for Mission and Identity, at or (724) 830-1075.